Episode #19 – Claire



Portrait by Garland Robinette   ROBINETTESTUDIOS.COM 

Claire is a very religious person with a strong personality! She has a positive attitude, is enthusiastic, a strategic thinker, has great focus, and is cautious.  My prediction is that this grand daughter of mine will accomplish great things in her life.

Katy & Claire.jpg

Claire is a twin! Twins are quiet interesting. At two years old Claire and Katy had their own bedrooms but they did not want to be separated. They stayed together in the same room until they were about six years old and to this day they are fiercely protective and loving of each other.


Claire was a great tennis player but her love was running.  Claire ran with the wind!  She never seemed to struggle or show mental exertion.  She just focused ahead and effortlessly ran for the gold.  The gold she did win, breaking all kinds of records and becoming a legend at Mandeville High, in Mandeville, Louisiana.

Claire winning State Championship Trophy.jpg

2014 indoor 800m State Champion, 2015 Outdoor 1600m State Champion, 2015 XC Individual State Runner Up, 2015 XC Composite State Champion, 2016 Indoor 1600m State Champion, 2016 Indoor 4X800m State Champion, 2016 Outdoor 1600m State Champion, 2016 Outdoor 3200m State Champion.

School Record: 3 mile (xc), 1600m, Distance Medley relay, 4-800m relay, and 4-400m relay.

Indoor State Champion record holder in the 4-800m relay, Outdoor Class 5-A record holder in 1600m.

While running Claire looked at the food she ate. Claire is always focused on being the best she can be at anything she attempts so I’m sure she looked at food as a way to impact her body, mind, and spirit.   When she went off to college she decided to major in Human Nutrition.  She is part of an organization called “SStop Hunger”: sustainable solutions to overcome poverty and hunger.  She has also been a part of “Campus Kitchen” which takes meals from the dining halls or farmer’s markets and add nutritious items to them then delivers them to schools and nursing homes.  The students also cook and serve meals every Wednesday to people in need.

Claire in Agrica.jpg

Claire went on a study abroad trip to Ghana for two weeks.  She was able to learn a lot about Ghanaian culture and life. She  got to meet the chief and the Queen Mother of the villages.  She saw a very vibrant, open, and passionate people.

Claire in Bosuso, Volta, Ghana.jpg

Claire with children.jpg

claire and children.jpg

Claire loved all the children and they obviously loved her!

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 4.29.49 PM.png

Claire has a bigger than life personality so don’t let her brains and her athletic ability taint your opinion that she is serious and all busines. She is a fun loving young lady!

Claire and her Duke.jpg

Claire was a returning maid in the Mystic Krewe of Hermes in 2017.  Hermes is known for it’s tradition, the Walking Parade. Members meet earlier the day of their parade in the French Quarter.  After lunch with friends and fellow float riders, the members, dressed in suits and Krewe ties and laden with beads to throw, spill from various restaurants and gather on Royal and St Louis Streets.  High school marching bands thunder to life and lead the procession as they march through the Quarter on their way to dress for the night parade.

Claire’s paternal grand father Mr. Crosby was the king of Hermes in 1984 and so loved the organization that he wanted all his grandchildren to have the privilege to be in the court.

Claire at wedding.jpg          claire #2.jpg

faces of Claire 1.jpg

Claire’s personality has many layers!  Piety, Perfectionism, Need for cognition, and Grit. Then throw into the mix her ability to express love for you.

WOW quiet a girl!

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 4.46.20 PM.png

My grand daughter Claire will keep you on your toes.  She’ll challenge you, surprise you and confront you!

She’s one of a kind! She is Unique!

Oh how I love you Claire!

8 thoughts on “Episode #19 – Claire

  1. Now I know another of your grandchildren and as before, someone extra special! She is a beautiful young lady inside and out. It is really nice to be in a family that is so loving and proud of their members that they want to share with the world. Thanks for including us so we too can get to know this beautiful young lady!


  2. What a sweet account of your Claire! She IS a special gal with a many faceted (sp?) personality! Wonder where that came from🤔😇😇👍Starr


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