Episode #26 – Christmas Adam

Our family always has it’s Christmas on December 23rd and we call it Christmas Adam! It’s called that because it’s the day before Christmas Eve, (since Adam was created before Eve), it has become our name for this very important day for our family.

The grandchildren wanted to have a non traditional celebration so decided that the family would go bowling. A new venue opened it’s doors, Fulton Alley and is a place for social gatherings and group entertainment like no other in “the city that care forgot!”

This arty, upscale 12-lane boutique bowling alley serving up delectable craft food and cocktails along the Fulton Street pedestrian mall in the Warehouse District in New Orleans.

We will all dress in costumes hoping to the best group and most unique costume of the night. We would like for you to help us decide what group you think wore the best costume and who wore the single most unique costume of the night. We all have our bias and need help! Here are your choices.

Choose The Dongieuxs

Choose the Maloneys

Choose the Crosbys

Please vote on these single choices:

The Nutcracker
Mary and Joseph

Cindy Lou in the Grinch
Dennis as himself

A fun time was had by all! I’m not sure what we will plan for 2019 but the one thing we do know, we will go forward with plans to have a wonderful year and busy one.

5 thoughts on “Episode #26 – Christmas Adam

  1. Why wasn’t The Naughty Elf in the competition?

    Being that she wasn’t a choice, I vote for the Maloneys as a group, and Mary and Joseph for the individual award. They were not “unique”, but they certainly did represent the spirit of true Christmas…..and I liked the horse.

    Wishing all the best to you and your family in 2019.



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