Episode #16 – Loving Christian

When are you going to write about me?

Christian walking horse.jpg

There is a need in all of us to want to be seen and heard and especially understood. That is probably one of the hardest things in life for us to do, “stop and listen”.

With our busy lives and all the noise of life, to stop and spend quality time with someone we love, to really speak with them, hear them, see them, seems like an impossible task.

My grandchildren mean everything to me so to hear one of them say when are you going to write about me made me stop and pause.

Since I began writing my blog “Katy is Eighty, I try to find things about my life that may seem interesting to others.  I also want to leave a history behind for my family as I’ve lived it and seen it unfold.  I have written about Christian in a blog with one of my other grand daughter Claire in Episode Eleven however clearly she wanted my complete attention to be a blog about her. So hears for you my very special, very clever, very talented, and very loving Christian!

baby Christian.jpg

I must have rocked Christian a thousands miles!  She was the grandchild who needed me the most it seems and of course I loved being wanted that much.  She was such a sweet baby and adorable little girl with those big brown eyes with held a glint of mischief.

Christian as a baby.jpg

The other grandchildren would ask me, “Mimi why does Christian always cry for you when you leave”.  I would answer, “I don’t know,” and for years I really didn’t know. Watching Christian grow up to love and take care of her horses gave me my answer.

Young christian riding.jpg

Christian is what we call an “old soul,” someone who finds her outlook on life vastly different; she’s more matured than those around her. She lives her life internally. She walks her own path.

Christian in uniform.jpg

You see Christians maturity as you watch her take care of her horses, wash them, feed them, give them their medicine and special feed, muck their stalls.  She drives them by herself to horse shows and back and forth to school and home on the holidays. She somehow stills finds time to complete homework and studies and makes good grades.  It takes hours and hours of work and she does it without complaining and with great care and love.

Christian and Appy.jpg

She’s steady, determined, dedicated to the task and resilient. So looking back and answering the questions why does Christian cry so much when you leave is because Christian has this very strong and urgent drive and capacity to love.  The person on the receiving side that she shines her big brown eyes on and cries for will be the lucky benefactor of her love. Thanks Christian for loving me as you do.

Christian and Ganster  use.jpg

Christian jumping:Ganster.jpg

Horses teach you to conquer fear.  One knows this because after being thrown off; there is a horse out there that helps you regain that trust.

Ribbons with Appy.jpg

After winning top ribbons in the so many Equestrian shows competing against those her age and even adults and trainers she was off to attend college at SCAD (Savannah School of Art).  It is the only art and design school to offer equestrian studies as well as having a riding team.

Christian made the riding team her first year which was not a usual thing.  SCAD’s equestrian team has won more national championships in the last decade than any other team in the country.

Scad Barns use.jpg

Horses inspire you to be a better person because when dealing with horses,

You cannot have a bad attitude.

Race use.jpg

You appreciate the beauty of a horse but also their tremendous athletic ability.


Equestrians need to have the concentration and ability to judge distance like a golfer, strength and stamina of a hockey player, artistic flow and ability to make a hard thing look easy and beautiful like a gymnast.

Christian clowning.jpg

It is said that horses teach you what real trust is.  You learn to trust an unpredictable, 1200 pound animal that could easily kill you.

Christian Kissing horse.jpg

I’m sure Christian would say whatever kind of day you are having, a horse can make it better. You can groom them or kiss them and they will brighten your day and there is no greater pleasure than running them through the pasture!

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 10.01.00 PM.png

So my beautiful Christian with much love I’ve written your story!  It is just the beginning to speak about the love and strength I see in you.  It’s just the beginning of the talent I see that I know you will take to great heights.

I cannot wait for your next chapters to unfold!

7 thoughts on “Episode #16 – Loving Christian

  1. Beautiful written Kathy it’s amazing how you write about so positive and put life and happiness out front stage.
    I enjoy every new episode
    Thank you, Leo


  2. Katy, I started writing a comment and it up and left the screen to go who know s where?!!! Anyway, I LOVED this episode abut your darling Christian! What a precious, beautiful and tender person. I am so in love with her and she’s not even mine!!! Keep upyour great idea of leaving these a ccounts for your family! Go girl!! Starr


  3. In her early pictures, I can see a young Katy! She seems to be a beautiful young lady both inside and out. I know all of you a very proud of her, as you should be, and I hope she keeps up the good work!!!!!!


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