Thanksgiving at Grayton Beach

Grayton Beach is a small quaint town nestled inside Grayton Beach State Park and spreads down to the Gulf of Mexico. These are photos of the incredible fine white sand beaches. Grayton has been called “the most beautiful beach in America.” You get the feeling that things haven’t changed much in the last hundred-plus years in this small community when walking down a well-worn road with historic cottages and picket fences.

Sitting on the back porch you see this wonderland of wild grass and trees that fall down to the small lake and feel like you are in another world. Maybe you will go exploring! Maybe you will just sit and listen to the birds and the frogs as they call out to each other. It’s so relaxing and inviting! This narrow channel is one of the way the Crosbys travel back and forth from home to beach each day. Ryan and Kosta take the boat and paddle board loaded with beach chairs and umbrellas down the narrow channels that will spill out from the dune lakes into the Gulf and to the beach.

I even took a boat ride which was quite a funny experience because the boys had to get me into the boat which was not pretty! But traveling down the channel was so very beautiful that I was so excited my grandchildren insisted I make the effort.

 Tommy and the boys set up our beach chairs every day, Thanks guys!

Our Thanksgiving week included bike rides on trails through the Grayton Beach State Park. boat rides, going to the beach, shopping at the farmers market, cooking, eating, and football! This back porch was enjoyed every morning and at night. Ben Soullier entertained us one night playing his guitar and singing like a someone on “the Voice.” We were amazed at his talent however his desire is to become an attorney.

My time with my grandchildren was so special! I was able to spend one on one time with them and talk to them about their work and their studies. We also all enjoyed the blooming romance that was unfolding before our eyes between Katy and Kosta!

Jete’ and Tommy Crosby were our host/hostess for this incredible Thanksgiving holiday. Marshall and Terri Soullier also contributed so much with delicious meals and their presence! Kosta Sevic, Ryan, Katy, and Claire Crosby, and Ben Soullier and I would like to say a great big “Thank You” to both families who went out of their way to make this a very special week! In so many ways it will be remembered as one of the best Thanksgivings ever!

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving at Grayton Beach

  1. Love Love the pictures. It looks like “the most beautiful beach in America.” Jete & Tommy did well. You are soooo blessed by their Love. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving Holiday.


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