An Incredible Life!

My aunt Anita Guidry was 100 years old on October 11, 2019. We were all invited to celebrate her wonderful life and accomplishments Saturday October 12th in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Anita had five sisters and two brothers all pictured in this picture except for my mother and father who are not among the group. Anita has outlived everyone in this photo including my parents.

Anita has: Five Children Twelve Grand-children

Sixteen Great Grand-children Eight Great-Great Grand-children

Anita’s five children from left to right Paula Gamble, Susan Fontenot, Rebecca Daigle, Peter Guidry, Michael Guidry

My son Duke and I attended Anita’s 100th birthday celebration at her daughter Paula and her husband James’s home. These are some “moments in pictures” of the love everyone was feeling!

Anita had her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren wanting to celebrate with her! One of her sister-in-laws and my son and I were lucky enough to be included! Thanks cousins! Actual my cousins and I grew up more like brothers and sisters and I am so grateful for all of them!

They came from Lafayette, New Orleans, Mandeville, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Tennessee, Texas, and Georgia! There were a few who couldn’t be with us this day but celebrated with her the day before, October 11th which was her actual birthday!

In 1973 Anita wrote “La Pointe de L’Eglise” the history of Church Point, Louisiana to celebrate the “1873 to 1973” Centennial.

Anita also published a cook book in 1977, “From Mama to Me” receipts handed down from her mother Ernestine Daigle Guidry and other family members and friends. You can find a copy of her cookbook in some Libraries in Louisiana.

Anita was married to Owen Guidry on November 9, 1941 and they were happily married for 49 years! These are the family of their five children, (a few of the grandchildren were not able to attend so unfortunately are not pictured). But what a family they all are!

We all love you Anita and celebrate your life!

“Nous célébrons votre vie”

4 thoughts on “An Incredible Life!

  1. It’s pretty hard to condense 100 years and a day to a short blog post, but you’ve done an incredible job. Thanks Katy, we enjoy being your cousin also.


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