Episode #21 – Anita


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Anita is my youngest granddaughter.  I was so excited to have another sweet baby in the family.  I was thinking my life would be filled once again with years of tender moments only children can bring.  Anita did give me those moments but I have to repeat the mantra, “Where does the time go.”


As she grew her little personality exploded and she was a ball of energy.  The days  it seemed were not long enough for her and the activities were never enough for this little spitfire!

Little Anita.jpg

Anita loves her School, “Louis S. McGehee School,” an all-girls private independent school in the Garden District located in New Orleans, Louisiana.  It is the school her Grandmother and her mother attended.  Anita started attending in the Early childhood Program called “Little Gate.”


Anita at this age was very independent and wanted to do everything herself.  She was inquisitive about everything and never shy about tackling a new task.

She loved to play games and kept those around her busy playing.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 8.10.12 PM.png       Big Anita

Anita is named after her maternal grandmother and looks so much like her.  Her personality is also like hers as well.  Her grandmother Anita is a wonderful roll model for her to follow.  I’m sure Anita will make this grandmother and me proud of her achievements, her character, and her artistic development as time marches on.


Anita, now a sophomore, is very involved in her school.  She loves children and has worked with the children at “Little Gate” last summer.  She is also a counselor at “Jimmy Club Day Camp.”  The counselors get service hours for working at “Jimmy Club” and “Little Gate.” These community service hours are designed to improve the quality of life for the community or schools.

Anita was class president last year and she participates in the theater program every year.



Anita was a standout in every scene she was in.  She has confidence, energy, and the creative instinct of a seasoned actor.

Anita playing volleyball.jpg

She loves paying sports and plays on the schools volleyball team.  She is a very good Server and because she is, she is sometimes used  on the varsity team.

IMG_0017          Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 9.14.01 PM.png


Anita and I have enjoyed going to the Theatre and eating out together.   I have loved going to all the grandparent days, plays and musical programs at her school.  I love seeing her having fun! Anita’s personality always shines weather having a milk shake, attending the theatre, or eating Sushi.  Sushi remains her favorite meal of choice!


Anita’s real love is dance!  We may have a Broadway Star in our mist.  She a great actress and a beautiful dancer. Way to go Anita!

Anita 32 2.jpg

Yes the years have flown by and that sweet little baby has become this beautiful young teen who I feel certain will continue to shine. She will surely light up the world wherever she goes and in whatever she decides to do.

Thanks for all the memories and those still yet to come Anita!

Anita you may be the last granddaughter but you will make your name known and insist on being right at the top of the pack.  You will surely shine, just like those who came before you!

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