Episode #24 – ‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season

The Christmas spirit jumped into my body on December 1st when my high school graduation class Christmas luncheon was scheduled.  I drove the three and half hours from Mandeville to Lake Charles, Louisiana listening to Christmas music and arrived filled with holiday cheer.

My friend Shirl and I visited her ninety nine year young mother Doris who was holding court in the meet and greet area outside her room at Resthaven Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.  She was sharp as can be asking me about everyone in my family and waving and speaking with everyone that passed by. What joy she has brought our class throughout the years.  She is our inspiritration and our cheerleader !

Nine of our classmates made it to this years Sulphur High Christmas party!

We spent the afternoon talking and laughing and catching with up with everyone.  Since we were such a small group this year we really had a chance to speak with everyone and really appreciate our time together.

My lost Turtle

My best friend in the group above is Elizabeth.  She and I kept pajamas and our tooth brushes at each other homes from junior high through high school because it seemed we spent the night most weekends at either her home or mine.  Throughout the years she always gave me turtles for my birthday.  Last year at our Christmas party she told me she had bought me a wonderful turtle for my birthday but couldn’t find it.  This year she was all excited because she found the turtle.  She had planted it and had it on her patio and just remembered, so she brought it to me this year at our Christmas party! If you knew she and I you would say we were  “birds of a feather,” except I never lost her birthday present that I can remember.

My Ninety Nine year old aunt Anita!

My next stop was Lafayette, Louisiana to visit my Ninety nine year young aunt Anita. My cousin Paula and her husband James hosted a lunch at their home for us.  If anyone has ever visited people from this part of the country you know you will enjoy some of the best food you will ever put in your mouth. It seems everyone is a born to be a chef extraordinaire.

Our Painting With a Twist staff
from left to right front row: Holly, Rachel, (Me) Katy, Michelle
from left to right back row: Hilary, Wanda, Kallie, Jessika

This was such a fun time with all my staff at our annual Christmas party.  Everyone in this picture are artist except for me.  I do love to paint but always one of these fantastic artist will help make my painting look professional. It’s usually Rachel, she always comes to my rescue.

I am so lucky to have these amazing artist work for me, one has worked for me for seven year, one six years, one five years, one four years, everyone else is one year and less. These ladies are so talented and I’m grateful that they love their work!

Join Katy is Eighty for more Christmas stories!

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