Episode #3- Make a Bucket List

My tip # 3 to live well is that it’s important to always have things to look forward to like church, travel, work, volunteering, studies, exercise, etc. Whatever you are interested in you should have plans to do those things by yourself, or even better, with someone you can share the experience with.


I walked the Honolulu Marathon in 1987 I finished in 7 hours and 30 minutes

You should never feel bored with your life because there is so much to enjoy. There are always events you can enjoy in this world. There are things that enrich your life and give you stories to share; which makes you a more interesting person to be around.

KatysFriends (42).jpg

Afternoon tea with friends!

I don’t believe everything in your life should be planned; sometimes it’s nice for life to just unfold. You will be surprised by the joy your day bring! You should also look for those activities in your community that you know you will enjoy. Search for interesting events in your state and take a road trip and attend. If there is a long ago friend living there whom you haven’t seen in years plan to visit he or she while you are there. You can renew acquaintances and relive events in your past. Who knows what joy that may bring!

KatysFriends (52).jpga trip to the Alabama beach with friends!

I love plays so I look at what’s playing in my community that I would like to attend. I like to travel so I look for travel that I might want to save for, however I also explore new areas in the city that are interesting. In-town events are the cheapest way to travel and keep you abreast of interesting things around your city. I love movies so I look at whats playing at the theatres. Visiting the library is a must to search for books and new authors I want to read. I always keep a book going by my bed or in the living room and keep the TV turned off and music going unless it’s time for my favorite television program, which are not very often.


Movie with friend!

Fill your life with variety, let the every day be a surprise or have it’s own flavor. Yes, I like that, “the flavor of my day” should become your motto; how grand or inspiring can it be. Let me know about your discoveries for your life, and how your dreams come true. Maybe you can help someone discover his or her joy in living life well.

KatysFriends (33).jpg

A meal with a friend who you can weird with!

**Let me know if I can share your discoveries in my blog.

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