Episode #12 – Coming Home

Coming Home

What does home mean to you?  To me home means a safe face.  A place we feel comfortable and loved.  It is a sanctuary and the place that holds our childhood memories.  Home may not be a perfect place at all times but it is the place that formed our deep emotional meaning of ourselves.

Home means acceptance. It is a place where those we love can drive us crazy one moment and make us feel like we can walk on water the next.  Home is where unconditional love is always available to us by the parents who love us.

So as children grow up and leave to attend a university they all long for a visit home to relax and recharge. They look forward to a semester break or a summer vacation at home.  For the parents and grandparents we also can’t wait for those visits.

ryan.jpgRyan graduated in Engineering from the University of Colorado on June19thand two days later he went off for a two-week trip through Italy. He is a lucky young man and well deserving. He studied hard and made great grades in a very hard major. As his grandmother I am so very proud of him.

ryan in Italy.jpg

He said beauty was everywhere from the seaside villages that plunge into the sparkling Mediterranean to the shores of the Amalfi coast, one of the most beautiful stretches in the world.  He experienced the paradise of Sorrento and Naples and explored the ruins of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.

He traveled from Milan to Florence in comfort and style on-board a sleek, high speed Italo train. While in Milan he enjoyed seeing the fashion icon city of Italy with its high-end shopping, style & Luxury goods as well as the DaVinci masterpiece, “The Last Supper.” He also really enjoyed the nightlife in Milam. He met up with friends   and he and Liz danced and partied ‘till dawn. He took in the magnificent architecture of Florence and spectacular sculptures and art that he found in museums throughout the city.

Ryan is now home interviewing for a job in biomedical engineering.  He has one offer in his pocket if he wants to wait for the position to become available in six months. In the meantime he is open to other offers. We have our fingers crossed.


Katy is home for the summer from attending SCAD, Savannah School of Art where she is an architectural major. She will be junior next fall and will be spending the fall term attending SCAD Hong Kong where she will be studying and traveling.  She will be leaving September 6th and will return home in November.  I’m so jealous!

images.png images-1.jpeg                   images.jpeg

Katy has been interning with a Covington designer and enjoying her friends while home. She has even put her design talent to work designing this birthday cake for one of her friends. It’s nice to be sooo talented.

birthday cake.jpg


The Crosby Family


Gunner came home over the 4thof July weekend . He has an internship at the Gagosian Gallery in San Francisco this summer.  He’s pictured here with his brother Dennis and sister Anita.  This fall he is excited that he and three of his friends will be living together at the Phi Kappa Psi house. Gunner is in the art department at Stanford.

Gunner's new art.jpg

This is his latest piece of art while in California

Gunner's art.jpg

Hot off the pen! A new sketch by Gunner.  We are so very proud of him!


The Dongieux Family

Parker and Whiskey #2.jpg

Parker came home from Ole Miss on several weekends this summer. He’s attending summer school so he can graduate in December so we only got to see him when he could get away on weekends. He plans to intern with an architectural firm after graduation to see if he wants to get a second degree in that field.

crawfish tble 2.jpg

Parker is making this crawfish table for his Dads’ birthday. I can’t wait to see the finished product. He has a very creative mind and this table is a masterpiece and shows his enormous talent.

Maloney Family.jpg

The Maloney Family and the newlyweds the Rosenbergs

These are the families of my three children,

daughter Jete’, son Duke, and daughter Renée

Life is good when all these young people come home. Our summer has been very full, busy, and filled with happiness and love. “Love makes the world go round,” is an English idiom and proverb, which is very important and essential.

We can see by the state of our country how life is not very pleasant without love.

I choose to love- how about you?


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