Katy is Eighty – Back on Track

It’s nice to have good news that the weight is falling off again. I have lost my two pounds again this week. Yeh!

I find it is much easier to loose weight if you don’t have too many events and dinners to go to. I am so tempted to eat when I’m presented with a menu. It seems I want everything on that menu and just forget buffets, I have to sample everything.

This week wasn’t one of those weeks so I was able to control myself and cook all the good vegetarian dishes I have grown to love. When you eliminate beef and chicken and fish (cooked in butter) you can save so many calories. So I choose to keep animal and fish protein to enjoy when I’m not cooking for myself and enjoying meals at restaurants or eating with the family.

Bailey invited me to go to a play at the Sanger Theatre in New Orleans, “The Book of Mormon.” I’m embarrassed to say much I loved it. It was outrageous, shocking and so funny. I’m embarrassed because it was also sacrilegious and offensive and yet I laughed my head off.

A very bad picture of Bailey and me but the light was so bright in the background

I spend the night at Bailey Apartment and since she had so much to do that day I cooked a fabulous vegetarian meal. I have to tell you about the salad. This is my receipt for the week: Mediterranean Polenta & Vegetable Salad.

1/2 c Polenta, 1/2 c water, 3 tbsp. Nutritional Yeast, 1 tsp. Garlic Salt, 1 tsp. Onion Salt, 2 tsp. Humas, 1/2 salt, 1/2 White Pepper.

Put all ingredients in a pot and cook until thick. Cover the bottom of a pastry ring with Reynolds Wrap then press polenta in the pastry ring about 1/4″ thick. Put in refrigerator to cool for about 15 minutes.

Pastry ring

Make Avocado dip with a large Avocado, a small lime, diced fine garlic and Sea Salt. set aside. Braise red, yellow, (or) Orange peppers & cut into strips, set aside. Chop Onions, set aside. Chop tomatoes with a little basil or Cilantro, set aside. Chop baby Arugula, set aside.

Now you are ready to Build your salad. This will make about (four potions). Put some of the Avocado on top of polenta, than strips of pepper, Chopped onions, then tomatoes, top with Arugula. Slip the Reynolds Wrap off pastry mole and place the stack on your plate, sprinkle with top with Balsamic Vinegar and serve.

Mediterranean Polenta & Vegetable Salad

4 thoughts on “Katy is Eighty – Back on Track

  1. Congratulations on the weight loss! I know it was not easy but you have the will and determination to do it!! The salad looks delicious but I would be starving in about an hour —- I really must learn to control my appetite!


    1. The salad was only one part of the meal. I just liked it the best so only gave you that receipt. But it would go with anything else you chose to serve with it. Let me know hoe you like it if you try it!


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