Life’s Special Moments

lieutenant Parker Maloney

Parker made a decision on August 26, 2019 after completeing a five month hike on the Pacific Crest Trail to join the Navy and become a fighter pilot. (You can read his incredible journey hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in my blog “Made It.” It took him almost two years to apply, sign up, be accepted, then begin training to become a Commissioned Officer in the US Navy. The 13 weeks OCS training at the Naval Station in Newport Rhode Island is designed to prepare a young man to assume the responsibilities of a Naval Officer, and to begin developing him to his full potential.

Parker’s parents pulled out all the stops and threw a costume dinner party to celebrate his acceptance into the Officer Training Program in Rhode Island. America’s Navy employs the most highly qualified and talented men and women in the country. Each is a true professional in every sense of the word, holding to the highest standards in their everyday lives. That’s our “Parker.”

Parker wants to be a fly Boy….

The naval Officer Candidate School is demanding and challenging. This challenge helps candidates develop their potential and qualities that best represent the Navy. The difficulty helps candidates learn to perform with discipline in adverse situations while under pressure. Parker graduated with flying colors and is stationed in Pensacola, Florida.

It was now time for a graduation party. After those grueling weeks of training there was no better way to celebrate Parker’s accomplishment than with a crawfish boil with friends and family at Parker and Whitney’s home in Pensacola.

This has been a whirlwind year for Parker and Whitney and now it is the perfect ending with a wedding in December. What a year of Special moments!

3 thoughts on “Life’s Special Moments

      1. We are still traveling. Lake Wilson in Kansas then Kansas City, then Las Vegas, then Southern Cal, then home sometime late August. Left total knee replacement and 6 weeks of PT in Golden, CO all went very well.


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