Christmas at the Ranch “2020”

December 22nd was “the Dongieux Christmas” which we celebrated at the ranch in Poplarville, Mississippi. Home of Renèe and Craig Maloney. The double gate is called Creekside where Craig, Renee, and I live. Several lakes and creeks run throughout this part of the property. It is also the home of the British Labs which Renèe and Craig breed. There will be Labs for sale in early Spring. If you are interested send us your contact information so we can put you on the waiting list.

The single gate where Renèe is Hanging the wreath is called Hillside. A great big lake and rolling hills greet you as you enter this piece of property. Bailey, Max, and Shep live in the house there since they sold their home in New Orleans and are finalizing their plans for the next chapter of their lives.

This was also Renee and Craig’s first Christmas living at the ranch. The weather was gorgeous the week before as Renèe and I decorated the two entrances to the property. We were so proud of ourselves and our decorations that we were talking, mostly in “jest,” about starting a decorating company to beautify peoples property. We also had a weekend party with family and friends to decorate the Christmas tree. We had so much fun we couldn’t wait for the Christmas celebration to begin.

Everyone begin arriving and they couldn’t believe the charcuterie platter Parker put together. We were thinking he would make a great chef. However that would be a little difficult since he is leaving at the end of January to go into training to become a Navy Pilot. Oh well it can be a delayed profession.

We tried to gather everyone together for a group picture but that was very difficult to do so in this picture we have from left to Right: Claire Crosby, Pam Dongieux, Bailey Rosenburg ( mother of the star of the day Shep), Renée Maloney (the hostess), her sister Jete’ Crosby, (way in the back) Ryan Crosby, Kosta Sevic and Katy Crosby (the sweethearts), and Gunner Dongieux.

Ryan is telling his grandfather Gene Dongieux about the work he is doing on robotic knee devices in Pittsburg. Bailey and her brother Parker enjoying a picture with Shep. And last but not least Shep and his lookalike dad Max!

Christian Maloney, Sebastian Solloa, Jete’ Crosby and Shep Hanging out on the porch. Mimi, Gunner, and Shep having a little talk. The day was so beautiful we just loved hanging out and catching up with each others lives and enjoyed the beauty that God and the Maloneys created everywhere you looked.

We hung out on the front porch, Gunner fed Shep his Christmas dinner, and Tommy Crosby showed everyone on the back deck how to shuck Oysters. After dinner, which took place around 6 pm, we had a small house decorating contest. Prizes were given for 1st and 2nd place and runner up! What a Christmas. So much fun!

Now you would think this was a full day but they had one more activity to end the day. At about midnight they ended our celebration with a big bond Fire in a field away from everything.

Gunner and Anita Dongieux speak for all of us, “this Christmas was a very special celebration. We had room for everyone to spend the night. The adults went to their room about midnight. The college kids and young adults, not sure what time they went to bed, all slept in a dormitory room upstairs that slept 10. Some of us spent the night at Bailey and Max’s home at Hillside.

We had a nice breakfast in the morning and we all agreed, it was one of the best and most unusual Christmases we have ever had. We spent almost 24 hours together, talked and played, ate and toasted all kinds of things, created and designed houses. opened presents, lit a bond fire and spent the night together.

Thanks Renee and Craig, we love the ranch in Poplarville, Mississippi and this very special time together celebrating the birth of Christ. May God bless the world in 2021!

8 thoughts on “Christmas at the Ranch “2020”

  1. Love reading ur blog! Hope u are all well! My granddaughter and family lost everything in hurricane so waiting on FEMA they are camping out at my house, pray for them! Their community (grand lake) has been so generous but they are ready for home!


  2. Dear Katy, How fun was that, I appreciate being able to share in your families Christmas celebration at the Ranch. You have been blessed with a grand and glorious family and a wonderful talent for expressing the details that allow a person like me to relive it through your words & photos. Love, Leah

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  3. What a beautiful family! I look forward to seeing you sometime this year my dear friend. Love you and God Bless you all!


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