Christian Travels the Atlantic

As you know from my previous post on September 9th “Christian says Goodbye, See you in December” my granddaughter is on a Semester at Sea Fall Study Program. Poland was the first country to explore. Christian says she feels the Polish culture is probably the best hands on culture experience she could have asked for. The people at the airbnb taught her so much about Polish culture and even taught her some Polish phrases.

Christian who loves horses is an equine studies major at SCAD (Savannah School of Design) in Savannah, Georgia. She loved the carriage horses in Poland! She was impressed with how well they were kept and said they were groomed to perfection. She also loved the restaurants especially one called Nova Resto which had a cute little patio and was perfect for a glass of wine with her friends! She and her friends spent a couple of hours here just talking, laughing, and enjoying themselves.

I will let Christian give you her account of Portugal and Spain in her own words. She writes so good and with such color you need to hear it from her: “Portugal was something of a fairytale. I spent the day with my Oceanography group, on a field class, studying the marine life in the area. We visited the Oceanario de Lisboa in the morning and spent the afternoon on the beaches. In the evening I met my friends and we hit the town. We made our way to the famous Lisbon “Pink Street” and did a bit of bar hopping. The Sangria flowed and the night was a blast!

The next day we took a bus to Largos, a coastal city in the Algarve area, it is home to crystal clear water and world famous beaches. If anyone is ever in Lagos make sure to stop by the restaurant called “The Green Room” for amazing Mexican food and cocktails! The city was fantastic and it is definitely on my list of places to visit again.”

“The next day we packed our bags and got on another bus to Seville. The bus ride was a little agonizing. We didn’t reach the city until around dinner time. A little restaurant by our Airbnb answered our prayers with Spanish style tapas and cold draft beer. Our schedule only allowed us one day in Seville so we rented electric scooters called “Birds”. This allowed us to see the city in a small amount of time. It was epic! The Plaza De Toros was personally my favorite sight to see. The colors of the building and the architecture were mesmerizing.

I next stop was Cadiz and we spent the next two days exploring the city and indulging in some of the best food I have ever had. We came across a little restaurant “La Candela” that was so fantastic. I could come back to Cadiz just to taste the food one more time!

After some market shopping, lots of gelato and more exploring it was time to get back on our floating home and hit the next country.

This adventure on a Floating University which allows students to explore the countries in Europe along the Atlantic will be invaluable to Christian’s growth as an individual. It is a known fact that the personal benefits of educational travel is a love of learning and improvement in personal responsibility. I’m sure there are many more advantages like perspective, networking, and independence, etc..

I will end this blog with a few pictures of life on this Floating University!

Tune in for more news on Christian’s “Semester at Sea” journey. Love you and your stories Christian!

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