Katy is Eighty – A Better me: My Wayward Week

My exercise team Louise, Charles and Jeff

Almost everyday around 9am or 9:30am the group join up in the exercise room. Louise and Charles are, sister and brother, who know the value of exercise from their early years as professional dancers. I would love to do a story on them if they will ever give me permission.

Jeff is a retired New Orleans Police officer. He gives Louise and I instruction when we need it. It’s so nice to have our own personal exercise instructor.

I have never been dedicated to exercise so having these friend, who encourage me, is helping me become a Better Me. I know in my mind how important exercise is so I am trying hard to convince my body to accept an everyday routine. I have not been focused on exercise this week because I’m reading a new book I can’t seem to put down. This was responsible for my missing two days of exercise.

This week has been a difficult one for me with my diet as well. I have wanted to slip back into my old habits of eating more than I should. I also love food and I somehow had cravings for some of my favorite dishes. I didn’t however snack at night so that was good.

Also I seem to have been a very lazy week for me about cooking healthy food. Instead I have chosen to eat out with my daughter Jete’ at one of my favorite restaurants “Sawasdee,” a Thai restaurant in Mandeville enjoying Panang Curry.

Panang Curry

I also grabbed a frozen Margherita pizza with Roma Tomatoes, Basil and Mozzaerella & Provolone Cheese at Whole Food. I love this Pizza but never stop at a couple slices and purchasing it at Whole Food doesn’t make it diet friendly.

My grand-daughter Bailey turned twenty-seven on February 27th. Max and I cooked a belated birthday dinner for her Wednesday night. We made “Grilled Vegetables and Polenta with Peach and Ginger Sauce” from “Cafe Sunflower,” an Atlanta Celebrated Vegetarian Restaurant which is one of Bailey, Max and my favorites!

One of the best things I love to do is cook with these two incredible young people. So this was such a fun evening to be cooking with Max for Bailey!

Max and Bailey in their beautiful uptown Apartment enjoying  Bailey’s 27th Birthday dinner!
Grilled Vegetables and Polenta with Peach Ginger Sauce from Cafe Sunflower

This is Saturday morning, February 2nd and I slowly stepped on my scale to assist the damage. Oh dear! I’m up one pound. Do I let myself feel like a failure or do I give myself a break and say, “next week I will be back on track, this is just a little set back?”

My trusty scale has been with me for 49 years!  It know all my secrets.

4 thoughts on “Katy is Eighty – A Better me: My Wayward Week

  1. U will get back on track – u are doing so well! Second knee replacement surgery 3/4 then I will be able to walk w/o hobbling


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