I’m going to be a “Great” Grandmother

Bailey Rosenberg my oldest granddaughter is now going to be a mother. I remember when Bailey was little, she had a favorite baby doll named “Lanie”. This was her favorite toy and that baby doll went everywhere with her. So I knew that one day Bailey would be a fabulous mother! Bailey met her husband Max during Semester at Sea in the Spring of 2012. On November 4, 2017 Bailey and Max were married in St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. Now around November 23rd , 2019 they will have a baby! What will it be, a boy or will it be a girl? No one knows. It is very important to Max and Bailey that they have it be a surprise.

Christian, Bailey’s sister will be getting home from “Semester at Sea” when baby Rosenberg arrives and she plans to take exclusive possession of this baby. Guess what; she will have a rather rude awakening because everyone is planning the same thing. I wonder if Bailey and Max are worried that they might have to make an appointment to have time with their baby? Katy, Bailey’s cousin decorated the Crosby home for the baby shower. It was absolutely beautiful and Trey was the “stand up comedian.” However Max and Bailey stole the show as they usually do!

This is a little look at some to the goodies we enjoyed and the very clever diaper roll cake that Katy made for Bailey. Appetizers were made by “Plant Based Lifestyle-Holistic Passion” in Covington, LA. Cookies were designed and baked by “Sweet Batches” in New Orleans. Other desserts (not featured in photos) were made by “Bella Linda” in Mandeville, LA. Of course Tommy Crosby unfortunately doesn’t have a catering company however he treated everyone to Sushi and hot Fish Beignets which flew off the table as fast as he replenished the empty platters. Champagne and Wine were furnished by Max’s parents wine company Brix Wine and Liquor in Malta, New York which flowed endlessly and “all” had a grand time!

Of course there were presents and presents and presents! Lots of special notes and well- wishes from friends and family and those who gave the shower (Empress Buras, Jete’ Crosby, Colleen Rosenberg, Karleen Bouza, and Amanda Cardwell).

These are some of Max’s family who arrived from the New York and Florida to attend the baby shower. First row from left to right: Alex, Max’s 1st cousin and her husband Rocky and baby Rocky Jr. who also stole the show with his blonde curls and his adorable baby ways. Max’s mother Colleen, Dawn and her husband Jimmy who is Max’s Uncle. In back row from left to right is Max’s father David, Max’s sister Carleigh, and his cousin James.

Bailey’s parents Reneé and Craig Maloney live in Folsom, LA. Unfortunately Bailey’s brother Parker was finishing his six month hike along the Pacific Coast Trail and was unable to attend, (see blog post Titled “Made It”).

I was able to sit back and thoroughly enjoy this day. I had no duties, no food to prepare, no decorations to put up. I was to just show up and enjoy the day and enjoy I certainly did! Oh the joy of being a grandmother! I think it was the perfect day with so many blessings for Bailey and Max!

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