Katy goes to New York

Not me, but my granddaughter, “Katy” has gone to New York. She is a talented, vivacious, beautiful shooting star! She got her “dream job” with the Morris Adjimi Architecture and Interior Design firm in New York. The firm works in commercial, hotel, luxury residential, museum, and landmarks. She is pictures here, with whom I think, is her “dream Man” Kosta. He is also in Architecture working for Piero Lissoni who has offices in Milan and New York and develops projects worldwide in the fields of architecture, product design, graphics and visual communication; whatever that means. 

Katy and Kosta are enjoying being in the same city and having jobs they love. They love riding bikes, shopping, and the wonderful restaurants; they simply love this city. Katy is living in a very unique development called Stuytown. It’s located between East Village and Gramercy running from 14th street to 23rd street. On Manhattan’s East Side it runs between 1st & Ave. C. This is the greener side of downtown and Katy says it is simply the best place to be living. **See pictures below.

“Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village, sometimes shortened to Stuytown is a very unique place in the middle of New York City. The complex consists of 110 red brick apartment buildings on an 80 Acres tract of outdoor space and is a large post-World War II private residential development. In Stuyvesant Town there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks and is patrolled by the 13th Precinct of the New York City Police Department. The complex has its own public safety force of 40 officers. They patrol the property in specialized vehicles. The community has its own newspaper, “Town & Village”, also known as “the T&V”. These are a few interesting facts about Stuytown. Oh it’s also rent controlled!

Jete’ and Tommy moved Katy and had her furniture delivered to New York. They got her settled in her apartment, spent a little time shopping where they discovered a store named “13 Crosby” in Soho.

Interesting food, beautiful flowers, and architecture are some of Katy’s favorite things. She will have the time of her life in New York and I’m sure she will also be successful in pursuing her career. Take a big bite of that “APPLE” Katy!

One thought on “Katy goes to New York

  1. I so enjoy hearing about all of you! Thank you! I need to go back and read your last several posts, as I know I read them quickly and did not comment at the time. I love you guys!


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