The life of an Artist

Gunner Dongieux is a New Orleans born artist based in NYC.
After studying fine art at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA), Gunner went to Stanford to study art and computer science. 

Gunner is one of my talented artistic grandchildren. He is now 22 years old, hardly a child anymore, and he had an interesting life story. As a toddler Gunner always carried a pencil around and was always doodling. At an early age his teachers commented on his budding talent as an artist.

Gunner was a very easy child to be around. He had a fun nature and loved to entertain and carry on conversations with you. He loved to go the library and choose cartoons tapes to watch. We would spend weekends sitting around watching these cartoons which he seemed to never tire of watching.

He also loved comic books and spent hours making his own comic books. He and his cousin like to make short movies. Music was and still is one of his passions. He had a music club at Benjamin Franklin High School in New Orleans. He had to talk the school into having it and the school was amazed when the attendance grew to 400 hundred students. It ended up being the largest club the school ever had.

In New Orleans we are proud to have the “Center for Creative Arts, or NOCCA.” It is a pre-professional arts training center for high school students in Louisiana. NOCCA opened in 1973 as a professional arts training center for secondary school-age students. Gunner attended half a day of school at Benjamin Franklin High School and half a day at NOCCA during his sophomore, junior and senior years of school. He received the Daniel Price Memorial scholarship awarded given to the top Visual Art Student his senior year.

When he decided to attend Stanford it was easy to see that Art and Computer Science would be his courses of study and communication in all forms would carry him forward towards his dreams. Gunner seemed to just run into opportunities, however it’s his personality and openness that places him in all kinds of opportunities. His mind is always working, always sizing up possibilities to create and explore art, music, and life.

Stanford is closed during Covid so Gunner is spending a year in New York. He had an art show “Pop Gun Art,” which he put on. During this gallery showing he met many interesting people in the New York Art World who were interested in his work. On the last day of Gunner’s show a group of French citizens came in and asked Gunner to put his art in their gallery “IRL” located in Brooklyn.

Starting TODAY December 5th 2020, IRL will be showcasing the work of over 20 NYC-based independent artists.
The “IRL SHOP” is designed to bring together works of art made by artists who for the most part saw at least one of their shows cancelled during the last few months. When buying some artwork, one directly supports the artists’ practice as well as a local platform for NYC’s creative community.
Hours will get updated but expect some late nights as we go deeper into December 🦉. For now, we will be open all weekend 2-7pm.

Gunner excited to be living in New York! He has a couple of interesting jobs and loves painting in Central Park. Selling his art really helps with living expenses. He has a great group of friends from Stanford that live together and enjoy the New York scene, although it is very different these days.

To view Gunner’s art click on the link below:

2 thoughts on “The life of an Artist

  1. Absolutely a great artist. Wish I could be around , when your grandson’s art will be so famous. I know you and family are so proud of this , young talented artist. Charles


    1. Oh Charles you and Louise will always be around in my heart and mind! You will be sitting on a cloud looking down and seeing all that’s happening in this bad old world. We all will because because our spirit lives forever. I’m so glad and fortunate to have you in my life! I love you dearly!


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