Episode #2 – Health


I believe one of the most important things in living well is feeling good. Here are my blueprints that help me live a healthy life.

One of my daughters has a very good friend from high school who is like an adopted daughter to me. She is brilliant, a graduate of Tulane University in New Orleans, and has become an independent Medical Researcher. Her name is Nonnie Chrystal. Nonnie put me on a regiment of taking (Divinely Organic Colloidals), which are minerals and (Energy Biodine), an iodine that you add to water and drink. I take both every day in the morning on an empty stomach.

I purchase from Nonnie (Peak Oxygen) and add it to filtered water, which saturates the water with oxygen. I try to drink at least eight glasses a day, which adds extra oxygen to my body.

Nonnie swears by her (Ancient 5 Scalar Salt), that I use in anything I cook. Body soaking at least once a week with 2 tablespoons of (Ancient 5 Scalar Salt) is great and something Nonnie recommends.

If you are interested in any of her products you can contact her at Health Gems, 981 East Eau Gallie Boulevard, # 170, Melbourne, FL 32937, telephone (321) 615-7847, info@HealthGems.com

I have been on this regiment for a couple of years now. I feel fabulous, have lots of energy, sleep well, and I’m very active. Due to these products I can say at eighty I feel fifty!

My other health secret I discovered from my son-in–law who is battling cancer. It’s a drink he found that boost your immune system. It’s known as the Budwig protocol: flax oil and cottage cheese to reform the oxygen uptake of cells.

You combine 3 Tbsp. of cottage cheese and 2 Tbsp. of flax oil in a blender and mix together then let sit for five to eight minutes. Adds berries, walnuts or almonds, stevia, water, ice and blend. I also add greens, spinach, Kale and a little arugula. Try to use organic fruit, greens, and nuts. Drink as soon as it’s blended. This has now become my morning meal!

If you are interested in reading about “how to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day” by Bill Henderson with Andrew Scholberg it’s available at www.Beating-Cancer-Gently.com.

I have been exercising with two very good friends for about a year now.  We spend an hour everyday and I have to say on days when I miss due to a conflict I now actually miss the exercise.  I never thought I would ever say that because I used to be a real couch potato.  I loved nothing better than lying on my sofa in the morning with my nose in a good book.  I owe my friends for encouraging me to add exercise to my life and for my increasing good health, growing energy, and flexibility!


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