Katy is Eighty – A Challenging Week!

Watching the Saints game as they are marching to victory!

Sunday, January 20th was a day of celebrating and cheering! Our boys in gold, the Saints, were marching down the field within yards of a final touchdown that would have won the game sending us to fight it out against the Patriots in the Super Bowl !

Tommylee Lewis (11) is pushed by Los Angeles Rams defensive back Nickell Robey-Coleman (23)  knocking Tommylee Lewis out of contention for the pass well before the ball arrived

This play brought the celebrating to a sudden stop as silence and shock were witnessed on our faces. I was doing so good on my diet plan, not grazing through all the fabulous appetizers, gumbo, drinks and wine.

This is the kind of thing that all dieters fear. A disappointing moment that turns your best intentions into the reason your mind and spirit tell you, “oh what the heck let’s eat” and you throw reason to the wind.

My commitment is two pounds per week and to loose forty pounds by the end of May. As we called it a night I knew I had totally blown my diet by indulging with food and spirits that left my taste buds in ecstasy. Waking up Monday morning aware I would have lots and lots of work to do to to be true to myself and my plans for a better me.

My exercise buddy Louise and I working out in the apartment gym

I exercised more, ate better and pulled off my second best week since I begin my weight loss program the last week of December. Today I was down three pounds. Thank your lord! I know the determination came from him.

There is a saying , “when you fall down pick yourself up and start over!” So that is what I did because I am determined at eighty there will be “a Better Me!”

My receipt of the week: Green juice

One cucumber, 2 (medium to large) carrots, a 1″ piece of ginger root, 4 to 6 stalks Kale, 3 big hands full spinach, 3 stalks celery, 2 big stems of broccoli, 1 Apple or pear of your choice. Use organic vegetables!

Omega Juicer

I drink this green juice in the afternoon and love it! You can also squeeze 1/2 of a lime or lemon in the juice before you drink it. Now it’s time to juice and say goodbye for now! Talk to you next week and if you wish to chat please send me a message!

8 thoughts on “Katy is Eighty – A Challenging Week!

      1. Hmmm – are you a mind reader or what? We are talking about South Dakota. Have a Transatlantic Mediterranean cruise most of May, then the Norris Family reunion 2nd weekend of June. Heading north to check out lots where we can have our motorhome and a small summer home. I hope to be a now Bird close to you guys next winter and visit with you more, especially holidays.


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