Gunner Shooting for the Stars

We wondered what this cute little boy was going to be when he grew up. I don’t think any of us would have thought he would be an artist Extraordinaire! No one in our family was an artist even though some were writers, inventors, dancers, musicians. There were many artistically inclined people in our family.

Gunner started carrying around a pencil when he was around three years old and he doodled on paper all the time. When he got to elementary school the teachers started comment on his talent for drawing and when he graduated from high school he was on his way to becoming a really talented artist and Art became his passion.

Stanford became the University of his choice and there in not one thing that he doesn’t love about going to school there. He loves his classes, his art studio, the fraternity, the art dorm he’s in charge of this year, the art classes he is able to teach, the art shows he is able to put on, the football games, his friends, Just everything!

Gunner has different sides to his personality. He likes to look inside himself to find ideas for his art. He told me once he doesn’t run out of ideas, he has a head full of them. He’s serious about his art, he gets to know his teachers especially those who he admires because of their art philosophy. He has no fear about creating art he just goes about creating, maybe that’s why he is always happy and comfortable in his own skin, so to speak. Gunner is most joyful when he is creating and loves to tell you about his art. But seriously I have never seen Gunner in a bad mood! Maybe we should all be artist? Pablo Picasso said ” Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”. I don’t think Gunner will ever have this problem!

Gunner organized and curated a “1-night-only exhibition welcoming new and returning students to Stanford’s visual arts scene”. He will be following up this project by curating another open call exhibition next quarter. He hopes to encourages all artists to submit their works, and he hopes that the entire Stanford community will come see the show.

Matthew Kelly said, “Wherever you are and wherever you feel called to go, whatever you are doing and whatever you feel called to do next, choose something today that moves you in the direction of your dreams”. This quote sums up Gunner better than anything I could say about him because Gunner’s every decision moves him in the direction of his dream. His dream is to be an artist and to help others become an artist as well. He hasn’t even graduated and he’s accomplishing his dream as he moves forward. What a blessing to always be living your dream!

Gunner will graduate this coming May. I hope all your ambitions come true Gunner and that you never forget how to dream!

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