Claire attends Medical School

This blog will be a little different from the others because Claire is now a freshman at LSU Medical School in Shreveport, Louisiana and she says “I hardly has time to breathe.” So I’m going through all the pictures of Claire that I love and building my story around them. Claire is thoughtful, studious and serious. She loves knowledge and loves to study. When she graduates I want to be her 1st patient because I know she will be a perspicacious physician from day one.

Claire is also a ham! This is the side of her personality that makes me smile when I think of Claire. Her laughter is warm hearted and joyous and is one of her best attributes.

Claire is with her twin Katy and her brother Ryan. They love being home on holidays together. We’ll all be together for Thanksgiving along with their significant other, Katy with Kosta, Ryan with Lauren, and Claire with Jake!

Claire and Jake are both medical students. Jake will be graduating this May and hoping to get an internship in Louisiana close to Claire. They both want to be Primary Care Doctors. Jake wants to specialize in Sports Medicine and Claire is thinking about Dermatology.

Claire and me

I love this beautiful grand-daughter. She’s my buddy at Sunday Mass. She’s always checking my face for peach fuzz and Clogged Pores. She always wants to drive me home when she thinks I had too much wine even though I was only going 1/2 mile away. She looks after me! She and Jake will be the doctors to see because they are both dedicated to excellence. Good luck to both of you!

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