Thanksgiving at Grayton Beach

This year 2021 was the second year for Thanksgiving at Tommy and Jete’s home in Grayton Beach, Florida. Grayton Beach is a quaint beach town away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger, brighter new areas of Santa Rosa Beach. The pace is slower and more relaxed and is a throwback to the way Florida beaches used to be. This year Jeté and Tommy hosted 30 guests!

Setting up for the dinner started early in the morning with the decorating staff Ryan, Lauren, Katy, Kosta, Claire, and Tommy. All the furniture that belonged on the porch was moved to the outside yard area which created this beautiful and intimate dining experience!

Tommy masterminded the design of the back yard area to be included in the scheme of the evening and to be enjoyed by the guest.

Parker’s Charcuterie Tray was a hit at the cocktail hour. He is getting to be known for his designs! Maybe this can be a sideline business during his Navy Flight training in Pensacola.

Thanksgiving guests! I wasn’t able to capture all of the guest individually but these I did and they certainly add to the flavor of this Blog in a big way!

Sheppy had the time of his life and was royally entertained before his daddy flew in from Austin and said, “Bailey and I can not stand to be away from Shep any longer” and father and son boarded the airplane back to Austin.

The last celebration we had was the “Bonfire Beach Party” Saturday night. We watched The Auburn vs Alabama football game on the beach and at Terri and Marshall condo. The young people held out on the beach the longest but regardless of the cold beach or warmth of the condo it was hard to say goodbye to this incredible group of people.

Gunner and Ryan join me in saying the Crosbys did an incredible job of hosting the 2021 Thanksgiving party! They could not have pulled it off in such a grand fashion without their dearest friends and family: Terri and Marshall, Tami and Les, Les, Sr., Renée and Craig, Sandi and Walt, Mike, Dawn and Erin, and me (Mimi).

All the siblings and significant others added the flare to the day: Ryan, Katy, Claire, Lauren, Kosta, Parker, Christian, Gunner, Ben, Elle, Heath, Kobi, Brelan, Brooke, Andrew, and the star of Thanksgivng “Sheppy”.

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