SCAD Graduation

SCAD Graduation

Savannah College of Art and Design is a private nonprofit art school with locations in Savannah, Atlanta, Georgia and LaCoste, France. SCAD Savannah is the largest of the university’s locations, with nearly 70 historic and beautifully renovated facilities interwoven throughout the city.

Katy attended school in LaCoste, France in 2019 and is graduating from SCAD in Savannah in Architecture May 28th, 2021.

The SCAD campus is woven throughout the city of Savannah

Katy chose her wonderful pink shoes and matching pale pink nail and toe polish to blend with her lavender Academic Regalia Hood color for architecture. We spotted her shoes before we recognized her in the procession line during this steamy day in May. Spirits were flying high because we actually were able to also celebrate Christian’s graduation as well as Katy’s

Christian Maloney is Katy’s 1st cousin. She was also a student at SCAD and graduated last year in Esquestrain studies. Since SCAD did not have a graduation last year, they let Christian graduate this year. She also joined in on the celebration that Tommy and Jete’ planned for Katy. Thanks Tommy and Jete’.

Jete’ found the perfect party house, two joining apartments in the front with a big patio behind and a master suite behind the patio. The party went on and on. It was quite the celebration.

Graduation was a wonderful time for the family to be together. Ryan came in from Pittsburg where he is working as a medical Engineer, Kosta flew in from Chicago from his job as an Architect, Claire and Jake flew in from In Indianapolis where she has been working for AmeriCorps and Jake will finish medical school in another year. Claire will be starting medical school at LSU in Shreveport, Louisiana in July. WE are so proud of all they are accomplishing so we had so much to celebrate!

Savannah is known as a party town. Seeing Savannah at night from the top of one of the many roof top bars is really an experience and listening to live music and renowned concert bands is a must do! You have to experience this when in Savannah.

Me, Katy, Jete’, Tommy, Claire, Jake, Kosta, Lauren, Ryan

A family celebration with a knock out punch bids farewell to a graduation that will be long remembered for what it means to be fortunate to have grown up in a family like this one. Each child is uniquely loved for who they are. Each accomplishment big or small is acknowledged. Friends are welcomed and made to feel special and part of the family. The Crosby family lives to celebrate life and the children they love!

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