An Art Show

Gunner (my grandson) came home from Stanford this week of October 25th with a load of fabulous art he created over the summer in San Francisco. Gunner’s friend, Computer Science major Sean O’Bannon received a grant from Stanford to program a computer to create art. (“GAN” a Generative Adversarial Network is a form of Artificial Intelliegence that discriminates between “real” and “fake” images. By training off of a dataset of “real” paintings, then feeding itself images made of random pixels, the “GAN” is able to essentially “paint” never before seen works of art.) 

Gunner received a research grant from Stanford University to produce paintings using “GAN”, with the help of his friend Sean’s programming. Out of this collaboration Ashbury Blues came into being. Gunner used the “GAN” images in a mode of abstraction, synthesizing graphic and pulp imagery. 

Gunner sold other pieces of art he also created that were not part of the “GAN” inspired art project. In these pictures Gunner is signing “Snowball,” one of the new pieces of art he also sold at the show. The image came from an old Betty Boop cartoon, where Betty was rolling down the mountain in a huge snowball! Gee Golly!

Gunner’s art is so exciting! I love the characters he paints. they are so interesting and their expressions are so real! I love his use of color and movement in his art. I feel his art has great diversity of form, color, and a sense of play in each painting.

Gunner newest series, Ashbury Blues, explores the insanity of San Francisco city life, and the Bay Area tech/art divide
Cowboys from pulp fiction magazines, cartoons from looney tunes, and computer generated abstractions, made with Artificial Intelligence, all find their way into crowded compositions. 

The art show was a tremendous success and we are all so proud of Gunner and what he is accomplishing at Stanford!

2 thoughts on “An Art Show

  1. Just beyond amazing! What wonderful talent…maybe genius he has developed. You got some kind of braggin’ rights gramma Katy❤


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