Christian goes to Denver

Christian interviewed for jobs and got two offers from companies in Denver. One was with a company called Spkit and the other was Zoom . It was a hard decision but she took the job at Spkit. She is loving her job and Denver! One of the very best things she loves in Denver is going to Red Rock Park and Amphitheatre.

Red Rock Park & Amphitheatre is a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service and Department of the Interior, the amphitheater is a top destination for Colorado residents and tourists from around the world. It’s an easy 15-mile drive from Denver. It’s history is rich so I just have to quote some very interesting facts.

The giant sandstone outcroppings that form the walls of Red Rocks Amphitheatre are higher than Niagara Falls and are part of the geological Fountain Formation, deposited approximately 280 million years ago.

Red Rocks didn’t get its start as a music venue until the early 1900s, when Renaissance man John Brisben Walker set up a makeshift stage among the rocks. A famous opera singer came to perform and declared it “acoustically perfect,” ” and it’s been revered by musicians ever since.

To get from your parking spot to your seat is part of the adventure. Wear comfortable shoes and expect a bit of light hiking with some amazing views along the way. You want want to miss an opportunity while in Denver to experience this marvel.

Christian lives near Washington park in one of Denver’s most popular neighborhoods. Washington park is known for its giant grassy field. The park has a 2.6 mile, bike free outer loop perfect for joggers. Biking is also permitted within the park. She spends lots of time here with Rippa her British Lab! In this picture she and Nina are enjoying time in the park catching up.

Christian is caring, good natured, fun, smart, and beautiful! She’s a people person and makes friends where ever she goes because of her magnetism. Christian and Paulina her friend who works with her at Spkit are at a work conferencce. Spkit is a company that sells softwear to businesses and their mascot is an Octopus. The octopus is extremely intelligent, with a large brain and is capable of high-order cognitive behaviors, including problem-solving, maybe that’s why it’s Spkit’s mascot.

She enjoyed spending an afternoon on the Cherry Creek Trail, an 11.2-mile path that runs from downtown Denver’s Confluence Park to Cherry Creek Reservoir south of Denver. The smooth, concrete trail will take you by multiple parks and attractions. She loved going to the Rocky’s baseball game. The Rocky’s play at Coors Field which is a 76 acre ballpark at 20th and Blake Streets in Denver’s Ballpark neighborhood. It’s a special to place to experience the national pastime and offers a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains as a bonus.

Carlyle, Ganster, and pal Alvin

Christian’s first love was her horses. Since she was nine years old she has been on a horse. These are two of her horses she rode in competitions, Gangster and Carlyle. Alvin is their buddy and hangs with them at the farm. Now these horses live the life of all good competitors when you put them out to pasture!

She is an Esquestrain and loves to compete in horse shows with her horse “True Valor.” She has the perfect job which gives her the flexibility to work from different locations so she can attend horse jumping events, also known as “stadium jumping”. The last show she competed in was HITS Chicago at Lamplight Equestrian Center.

It will be very interesting to follow Christians journey for the next few years. Where will she live? What will her career be? Where ever she goes and whatever she chooses to do, it will be interesting, exciting, important, and very worthwhile.


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