Katy is Eighty – an Adventure

My grandson Parker is off on an adventure of a lifetime a Northward Bound hike of the Pacific Crest Trail.  
A 2,650 mile hike which will take him and two friends, Coner Lynn from Ireland and John Patric Sherling from Ole Miss,
  four to six months to complete.

Since Parker was a teenager you knew he would be doing exciting adventurous things in his life. He loved the outdoors, hunting and fishing, and exploring. This wasn’t just a casual love; it was his passion! You could see it in his face and in his eyes when he talked about his plans. These adventures were when he came alive!

Reading about this adventure they say, “the trail covers the most variable terrain the planet has to offer, from the heat of the Mojave Desert in California to the high-altitude granite peaks of the Sierras. Then volcano-hopping in the central region of Oregon before finally inching toward Canada through the wonderment of the Cascade Mountains in Washington.”

Would you be jumping for joy if you were considering this challenge?

In the past I would smile and say there he goes again, I even thought it when he said he was going on this trip. I just thought he was a fun loving kid who loved to experience life outdoors hiking, fishing, hunting, discovering. I thought this was just another hike.

When I read about this trip and the dangers like considering the challenges of the weather that can change dramatically and quickly. “The desert, blistering in the daytime, can drop below freezing the same night. In the higher altitudes of the Sierra Nevada and Cascades temperatures can range from nearly 90 degrees to below freezing, with snow even in the summer months.” Now I see how very brave he is to take on this adventure with just a back pack which will carry a sleeping bag and sleeping pad for protection from weather and the environment, a few changes of clothes, a few cooking utensils and not much else.

Parker leaves the first of March and I will be praying for my grandson, Conor and John Patric and I ask all of you to please keep them in your prayers as well!

It will be breathtakingly beautiful  but these three young men will be taking a small but potentially serious risk.  That is however the soul of Parker, my funloving, sometimes intense, and very brave grandson!

Parker saying goodbye to his mother!  We say be safe and go with God!

7 thoughts on “Katy is Eighty – an Adventure

  1. Your family always has such exciting adventures and I really enjoy reading about them!!!! Keep up the good work of letting us in on all of their travels and your excitement!!


  2. Katy I will follow you Ryan’s adventure with great interest! What a guy and such a drop dead gorgeous hunk!!!! Starr


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