Happy Birthday Duke

My son Glen Lewis Dongieux better known as Duke is a son every parent wishes to have. He’s always there for his father and me and his children. We are his first priority. He’s clear, steady, dependable, and funny. Duke loves music! Loves to read a good book and he loves travel. He also loves his motorcycles! However as much as he loves all these things it doesn’t compare to his love for his children Gunner, Anita, and Dennis. He “lives” to spend time and have fun with his children taking them to games, movies, attending performances and games, etc. This son of mine is skillful, intelligent, capable, and interesting!

Duke as a child was interested in everything. He was a thinker and a dreamer and he was into everything. By the end of the day you were exhausted with all his ideas and activities. At night when you looked at him sleeping in his bed he looked like an angel with his blonde hair and sweet face and you forgot how much mischief he created.

He is my devoted son who calls me almost everyday just to say hi! Having been divorced most of my life my son is definitely my rock! I feel, every woman needs a strong man to help her see a different prospective in life. I can count on my son to provide another angle or view point. When I make a mistake of judgement and get myself in trouble he says, “mom check with me first when you are not sure of something.”

I will have to say he was a handful in high school. My understanding is that he settled down when he went to the University of Texas. I am not sure if that is actually true! However that is when he found himself and graduated in Journalism. He is a great writer and I hope and believe that one day he will write a great novel.

He is a builder and a renovator. He focuses on special details and interesting wall designs which make his homes stand out. He loves to bring a project in under budget. Duke has a great mind for business and he loves flipping properties with the goal being profitability which occurs, yet the process of creating a unique design may be just as rewarding. He believes realestate is the best way and safest way to make money.

It feels like I just closed my eye for a moment Duke, and then here you are fifty three years old today. Time flies by so quickly, and I just want time to slow down a bit. I love you son! I’m so proud of the man you have become! You are my rock, my buddy, and my devoted son, actually the best son I ever had!” Duke would say, “Yeh mom, I’m the only son you ever had”!

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Duke

  1. Katy, So proud for you and Duke to have a loving and supportive relationship. Happy birthday, Duke! And hugs to you and your wonderful mother.


  2. Loved reading this! Duke is blessed to have u as mom as well as u are to have such a fine son! Happy day to u, Duke!


    1. Hello Shirl! We are having dinner tonight for his birthday at a new restaurant in New Orleans. I’m going to bring him all the greeting from everyone. He didn’t want me to blog about him so he’ll be very surprised at all the greetings!

      love you! Katy


  3. Happy Birthday to Duke . Loved reading this about your son , you are so very fortunate to have a son so loving of family and especially his Mother . You are also a good writer ! Louise


  4. Loved this, Katy! Knowing Duke as a child and now as a 53 year old man, I can say he is a very special person in my life, and I love the stuffins out of him – and you!


  5. Hi Katy, Wow you are a lady that makes the difference in lives, I know you did mine. You have a wonderful son there, Knowing him many years ago. Happy Birthday Duke


    1. Hi Terri! It’s great hearing from you! Do you still live on the West Bank? I have a business on Lafayette Street, Painting With a Twist! Call me sometimes 504/813-1956 and lets have lunch and catch up!


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