Birthday Treasures

I had my eighty fifth birthday on April 7th. My first celebration was with my son Duke and my beautiful granddaughter Anita. We went to Mass at Saint Joseph Catholic Church in New Orleans then brunch at the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans. Anita was home from Wake Forest where she is a sophomore studying Political Science.

My second celebration was in Mandeville at my oldest daughter Jete’ and son-in-law Tommy’s home. It was so much fun having so many grand children in town to help celebrate. Starting on the top row from left to right: Parker who is in flight training in Pensacola Beach, Tommy, Bailey and Max who have my two great grandchildren Shepard and Lorelei, Kosta, Katy’s boyfriend who is in graduate school at Tulane for Architecture, Christian who was home from Denver, Jete’, who did such a great party full of surprises, Renée and Craig who also helped put on the celebration, Whitney, who is married to Parker and they will be having my third great-grand child in August, Me and Katy home from New York.

I have blogged about so many wonderful events in the lives of my children and grandchildren in the past however I have been rather quiet for about a year and a half. Nothing is wrong, I just took a break and have been spending an enormous amount of time taking an introspective look at myself and my life choices. Becoming more aware that the world was not meeting my needs, that I needed more spirituality in my life.

It’s been a great journey that’s taken me to a farm in Poplarville, Mississippi where I lived with my youngest daughter Renée and son-in-law Craig for about a year, to New Orleans. While living in Poplarville I searched for a church from Bay Saint Louis, Slidell, to Hattiesburg. I finally discovering St. Fabian Catholic church and Father Tommy Conway in Hattiesburg, one hour away from the farm. The distance didn’t bother me because I couldn’t wait to attend church every Sunday and the drive was beautiful and peaceful, I was riding with God!

I moved to New Orleans and am living with my son. I now attend Saint Joseph Catholic church on Tulane avenue in the downtown area of the city. This church was built in 1892 and is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in the city. Father Tom Stehlik is a fabulous priest, the congregation is warm and welcoming and involved in a very big way in community outreach. I go to daily Mass as well as on Sundays. I have finally found what I have been looking for and my life is finally becoming real and meaningful. It is filled with the warmth from the rays of sunlight that travels from our Holy Father and brings Peace. The rays of light that you see reflected in this picture filling my heart with love!

My treasures are this earthly family and friends that I love and have blogged about for all these years and and my faith. I am in my eighty fifth year, I feel blessed! I am still here to witness a third generation of an incredible earthly family and now my spiritual Godly family.

A few of the grandchildren were missing from my celebration, Ryan, Claire, Gunner, and Dennis. They couldn’t be here in person but I was able to hear from them, which made this time the special event it was meant to be! Whitney and Parker will be giving us a bundle of joy in August. I can’t wait! I predict a boy.

My life is filled today with Love and Faith, there is nothing better!

Psalm 69

The way we come to know love was that he laid down his life for us; so we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers. (1Jn 3:16)

Love demands a high price but pays an immeasurable dividend. Jesus wept the tears of suffering humanity and, weeping transformed them into water of life. These waters, flowing from his wounded side, wash away all the tears that stain the face of a sorrowing world.

14 thoughts on “Birthday Treasures

  1. Such an inspirational post dear Katy! I’m 81 and am Linda Rogers, GL’s 1st cousin. I have cherished you in my heart ❤️ since I met you so many years ago when married to GL. I too have found my spiritual home. Sending you a hug 🫂 and great admiration for your life of grace and poise . As a mother, there has never been a better one. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Katy


      1. God is key to joy in life, no matter what…and good mental health. I’m 81. We can be prayer warriors for those whom we love, then give worries to Him. Only way to feel peace. You are a precious soul Katy. 💖 My sister in faith. I love you.


      2. Matthew 18:20 “when 2 or more are gathered in My Name I am in their midst… So whenever you have a burden that needs to be covered in prayer text me at 828-450-7608. Idealy we should set a time to pray. My best time is 8pm. I set that time for prayer together “Gathered” which is in the spirit. Great blessings will come. God already knows what blessings we need but He says ” you have not because you ask not”…absolute confidentially is promised…if you want “for special intentions” that works too. Send me your cell # too if you want to be my prayer partner. You’re among my most admired folks. Love you my sister in faith.


  2. Very belated, but sincerely heartfelt, best wishes on your 85th birthday. You always amaze me with your joyful attitude and fun loving personality. Three generations of a wonderful and suportive family and an abiding peace in your heart is no small accomplishment in one lifetime!


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