Family and Friends

Summer family fun with Max, Shep, Bailey, Christian, Clair, Katy, Kosta, and (in the pool )Lorelei

It was a wonderful Summer day at Bailey and Max’s home. Claire was home from Medical school in Shreveport and Kosta & katy were home from their jobs with architecture firms in the Big Apple. Kosta getting ready to move to New Orleans for graduate school at Tulane for his masters in Architecture. Christian had moved home from her business marketing job in Colorado. It was a celebration of gathering the family together and love was in the air!

Shepard and Lorelei were the entertainment of the day! Shep, as we call him will be two years old in November and Lorelei will be one, also in November. My two great grandchildren are the apple of my eye and my great Joy!

This will be our last get together until Thanksgiving. We missed having Ryan & Lauryn, and Jake with us this time. Ryan and Lauryn are working on driverless trucks in Pittsburg, and Jake is in his medical residency in South Dakota. Also missing is Gunner who is in New York having art openings for his work and curating art show for other artist. He will be going to Germany for an art residency next month. Anita was back in college at Wake Forest and Dennis is in his Sophomore year at De La Salle in New Orleans. That makes up my nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren and my grandchildren’s significant others. I am blessed!

The memories we make with our family is everything!

from Right to left Kate, Ginger, Margaret, Myra, me

I moved to Poplarville, Mississippi about two years ago with my daughter Reneé and her husband Craig. Poplarville is a very special town. The population is 2,894 and it hosts an annual Blueberry Jubilee every year. It’s the county seat of Pearl River County. Poplarville has rolling hills and beautiful lakes and lots of people have weekend homes here.

Ginger is the lady wearing the “American Heart” shirt. It is very appropriate because I call her “Poplarville’s Ambassador.” I think Ginger know almost everyone that lives in Poplarville. She is a retired school teacher and can’t go anywhere that people don’t come over to speak with her. She took me under her wing and introduced me to all these ladies, two of which were not able to join us, Joan and Ann. Joan worked for Disney and National Geographic before returning to Poplarville to take care of her mother and brother. She started the Historic Society and the Poplarville Museum. She actually received volunteer of the year award in 2013 for starting the Museum. Ann is a retired school teacher and now an instructor at the Pearl River College in Poplarville. Kate in the white shirt is an international attorney working for the World Bank. Margaret in the green striped shirt was a secretary and book keeper for the Poplarville school system, she actually did everything. She is also a talented pianist and organist.

Myra and I are sitting together. Myra owned the only bed and breakfast in Poplarville. She also was a nurse at St.Tammany hospital and has a beautiful voice. She went to college on a voice scholarship. I owned a business for eleven years and retired two years ago. Now I enjoy life with family and friends!

This group of friends inspire me. They are talented, kind, generous, and supportive. They are all involved in the community and make it a very special place to live. Poplarville, I know, thanks God for having them!

Good friends are like stars you don’t always see them but you know they are there!

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