Gunner Graduates from Stanford

Gunner standing in front of Hoover Tower on graduation day

Stanford has a beautiful campus and one of the most iconic structures is the Hoover Tower. Hoover Tower is a 285 feet structure on the campus of Stanford University in Stanford, California. The tower houses the Hoover Institution Library and Archives, an archive collection founded by Herbert Hoover before he became President of the United States.

Gunner is standing in front of the Stanford Memorial Church which is at the center of the campus, and is the University’s architectural crown jewel. It was one of the earliest, and is still among the most prominent, interdenominational churches in the West. Jane Stanford built the church as a memorial to her husband, Leland. Together, Senator and Mrs. Stanford had constructed the University as a memorial to their son, Leland, Jr. Memorial Church seats 1,200 in a general admission format.

In the bottom three pictures of Gunner and his friends (from left to right) Nicko, Brian, Gunner, Terrell are standing in the Main Quad.

The 17-acre Main Quadrangle is the oldest part of campus and the hallmark of Stanford University. Renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted designed this architecturally innovative set of connected buildings.

The cornerstone of the Quad was laid on May 14, 1887, which would have marked Leland Stanford Jr.’s 19th birthday.

click on picture to see Gunner lined up for commencement

Gunner standing in line waiting to receive his diploma! Gunner says his four year at Stanford were incredible due to all the fantastic life long friends he made. Gunner loved the opportunity he had to learn, as well as teach art classes. He loved the camaraderie with fraternity brothers at Phi Kappa Psi. He received a minor degree in computer science engineering, which was indeed a challenge. It proved to be an intellectual pursuit that complimented his fine arts degree.

Click on picture to see Gunner get his diploma

Gunner received his diploma for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art Practice with Honors, with a minor in Computer Science. He also received the Raina Giese Award in Painting from the Art Studio faculty. Gunner received his Diploma from one of his favorite professors, Jonathan Calm. Professor Calm is from Brooklyn, New York.

Gunner’s family had a great time at the graduation! The California weather did not disappoint and the exuberant atmosphere will be remembered as a perfect day!

At Stanford I spent time hanging out with friends, studying, and painting in my studio. Every weekend there was an event to go to: formals, special dinners, and hikes. With all the available opportunities it could be easy to feel over whelmed trying to deciding what to do. My best memories came from chill hangouts with close friends.

The four year I spent at Stanford were fantastic! I can’t wait to see what the future unfolds, and whatever it is I’ll be ready to rock and roll!

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