Katy is Eighty – Grayton Beach

Grayton Beach is a nationally ranked nature wonderland and consistently ranks among the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the United States. It offers fishing and paddling and you can explore miles of trails to traverse through a coastal forest.

Grayton beach is a small, undisturbed village located along the Gulf of Mexico in the Grayton Beach State Park. The 400-acre State Park has natural trails that wind through a salt marsh and coastal forest. It also has beautiful beaches and a coastal dune lake.

My daughter Jete’ and her husband Tommy built an incredible home in Grayton Beach along the dune lake. My daughter Renèe and I and Whitney were invited to be one of the very first guest to enjoy it. Whitney is the girlfriend of my grandson and Renèe son, Parker. Parker if you remember from a previous Blog is hiking the Pacific Coast Trail from California to Canada. He has hiked 700 miles now and is near the Sierra mountain range which he will be hiking through.

We sat on this porch in the evening and listened to the frogs croaking creating a chorus of sounds and the birds chirping and singing! With a glass a wine we watched the sun set. In the morning we enjoyed our cup of coffee and made plans for our day. It was the best way to end the day and welcome in a new day. Life is good when family and friends get together without plans and schedules to meet.

We spent quiet time together talking, reading, and yes checking in with those back home and sometimes looking at social media. We also enjoyed “an incredible home massage” and “great nights sleep” without having to get up early in the morning to rush off to the demands of the day.

Katy on a recumbent bike

I haven’t ridden a bike in years because my knees have gotten stiff at eighty. I thought I could ride a three wheel bike but that didn’t’t work either. Then they brought the recumbent bike out and when I sat in the seat of this adult tricycle I said “Yes” this works! One day I rode 3.4 miles and was a proud as a peacock!. What fun to have at Eighty.

One day we visited with “Liz” Ryan’s girlfriend and her mother Deborah and brother Bryan at their home down the beach. (Ryan is my grandson an Jete’s son who is now working in Bloomington, Indiana as a Medical Engineer). I know he would have loved being with us this day! To get to the beach Bryan and his friend Russ drove us to the beach on the party barge.

These pretty feet didn’t have to walk to the beach!

We even celebrated a very special birthday with dinner and a special yummy birthday cake! Whitney turned Twenty Four!

We spent four of the most heavenly days at “Jubilee Retreat” getting in touch with our “inner peace” Thank you Jete’ and Tommy for being the generous humans that you are! In saying goodbye in this blog I’m sending all “The Symptoms of Inner Peace” to ponder!

10 thoughts on “Katy is Eighty – Grayton Beach

      1. Thanks Katy, have a wonderful Memorial Day, it has been cold here and we got wet snow overnight brrrrr


  1. Glad you are enjoying life with your beautiful family. I only hope I have as much energy you have when I am 80. XOXO


      1. Enjoyed pictures. Just spent a week in Orlando with 4 of my 5 and my only grandson. So great to be away from the stress at home. Dr Bea


      2. So glad you had a wonderful time with family in Orlando. Our family have been enjoying family time in Florida for years in the Destin and Seaside area. It’s good hearing from you!


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