Bailey, Max & Shep move to Austin

Sadly we say goodbye to Bailey, Max, and Shepard. Max’s company said they could live in San Francisco, Atlanta, New York, or Austin because next year all employees will be going back into an office some of the time. Bailey and Max lived in San Francisco and did not want to move back there. They wanted a city that they felt was best for raising a family. They decided Austin was the best place to raise their family.

This was Shep when he found out he was going to be a big brother. In the second picture, Shep is telling his assistant gym teacher, who he loves, that he is going to be a big brother. This last picture Shep is listening to his mother telling him how important it is to share his toys with the new baby when he/she gets to be his age. Bailey and Max don’t treat Shep like a baby. They treat him as a person who will grow to be wise, loving, thoughtful, independent and responsible.

Bailey and Max love living in Austin. Their home is very near the park on Lake Austin where they take Bear, Teddy and Shep to play and launch the boat for a play day. Max is creating an office in the back yard, as so many young executives are doing who find themselves working from home. His office in the house is becoming the new baby’s nursery and the guest bedroom will becoming the au pair bedroom. She’ll arrive the first of December from the Netherlands.

The Au Pair I think will be very surprised at this little boy she’ll be in charge of because he will steal her heart. He’s so inquistive and wants to know everything about this great big world he looks at every day. As a baby, he pointed and looked at you until you gave him a name of what he was looking at. When he started to talk and pointed, some of his first words were, “what it is”.

Bailey and Max are great parents. From day one, Shepard became their primary interest and responsibility. They always make plans around his schedule of meal time and sleep time. They read stories to him at bedtime and sing “Winnie the Poo” to put him to sleep. They rigged up a way for him to wash his hands and dishes in his wooden kitchen sink and he cuts up fruit for his afternoon snack which he puts in and gets from his refrigerator. I could sit and watch Shep all day long running from one activity to another. He doesn’t walk, he runs everywhere like if he does’t he’ll miss something. He loves cars and trucks! As we drove around the Austin, he called out when he saw a white car, “Mimi car”, black trucks were, “Dad Dad’s truck”. One day he actually had me driving a white Lamborghini. Yeh Shep! He can point out a backhoe, bull dozer, dump truck, etc. The funniest thing is his favorite, an excavator, which he can’t pronounce so he call it an “Ackibar” and is so excited when he sees one.

Bailey has started a new business! Shs is already having to find staff to help with her growing business

Shep will be two years old on November 17th, The new baby will be born any time from now until November 6th. I can’t wait to see if it will be a girl or a boy! Shep and I think it is a “girl” I’ll let you know so keep tuning in. Life is sooooo good for those who choose to live it wisely!

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