A Special Visit

My best friend Starr, sitting with me in the front seat, Suzanne, her daughter in Law, and her three son’s Nate, Andrew, and Matt came for a two day visit with us in Poplarville, Mississippi. Poplarville has a population of 2,894 as of the 2010 census. It is known as the blueberry Capital of Mississippi and hosts an annual Blueberry Jubilee every year. Poplarville is one hour and 12 minutes from New Orleans, LA and 49 minutes from Hattiesburg, MS. Other than that it is just a wonderful place to live. It’s small, quiet, friendly with rolling hills, Creeks, and farm land. God sprinkled his love in Poplarville! I

Starr, Suzanna, Nate, Andrew, and Mat, were on their way back to Atlanta after taking the boys to learn about their family in Plaquemine, Louisiana. Plaquemine was settled by 1775 and it is located at the juncture of Bayou Plaquemine and the Mississippi River. It is named for the Native word Plakemine, which means persimmon. It lies within the Baton Rouge metropolitan area. Starr’s family like a great many families in the area raised Sugar Cane. As the years went by they diversified into other industries as well.

Starr, Suzanne, Renee, and I enjoyed coffee and cocktails on the porch and visits on the lawn while the boys got fishing tips from Craig.

The boys wanted to work with Craig and Kyle while they removed fallen trees from a recent storm. Even Matt said I can do it too! Kyle gave Nate a driving lesson and he was very good at driving. There is always so much to be done on a farm. The boys said they would come back next summer and be helpers.

Nate and Andrew went fishing while Suzanna took Matt canoeing! Later that night Craig took the boys frogging and then dumped the frogs on the floor in the living room. Starr, Suzanne, and I went running!

Reneé and Nate

Reneé took the boys blueberry picking but it was at the end of the season so they get very many.

At night the boys played games and cut up left over vegetables from the garden for the ducks. We had a glass of wine, a good dinner, and lots of conversations. Everyone slept well because life on the farm can wear you out if you let it, or not!

Starr and I

I hate to say goodbye. Let’s just say “we passed a good time and I’ll see you soon!”

Always bring those boys!

One thought on “A Special Visit

  1. I love this post. You can’t beat spending time with dear friends. I just got off the phone after an hour and a half conversation with my best friend since 1st grade- 67 years and counting.


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