An Adventure of a Lifetime

My grandson Parker left the first March to hike the Pacific Crest Trail from California to Canada. He and his friends are now in Truckee, California and have now hiked 1,154 miles.

The hardest part was crossing the Sierras Nevada mountains and through Yosemite National Park because of all the winter storms. Pepe and Parker summited Mount Whitney, the highest point in the lower 48 states, a few weeks ago when others said it was impossible. Actually Parker and Pepe were the first five people to summit Mt. Whitney this year. The two things he said he would take away after that 11 hour climb are these two Viking quotes:
“Ill is the result of letting fear rule thine actions” -The saga of Olaf Haraldsson
“Ill rede bring ill luck” – Njal’s saga

Parker said he has worn-out two pairs of hiking shoes and had to buy a pair of boots to hike through the snow and to avoid frost bite. It has taken the guys a month to cross Northern California and they expect it will also take them a month to cross Oregon and Washington together.

Parker said, “Muir Pass” in the afternoon was breathtaking and awe-inspiring. That it’s no wonder the pass was named after such an influential man in the outdoor community. Though not pictured here, the stars that hung outside of “Muir Hut” the night they spent the night there were the most beautiful he had ever seen. He also said that the Sierras are unforgiving and unforgettably rewarding. He would recommend the 250 mile John Muir Trail to anyone interested in getting their feet wet in the hiking community!

“This is the most spacious and delightful high pleasure-ground I have yet seen… and though lying high in the sky, the surrounding mountains are so much higher, one feels protected as if a grand hall.” – John Muir

Parker and friends are now out of the mountains. They encountered rain storms and flooding creeks but at least they were not freezing. They said coming through the mountains by far was the hardest part of the hike.

Parker came out of the mountains lean and strong of mind. He’s a trim and muscular 180 pounds after bulking up to about 215 pounds before he began this adventure. He said he can do without so much gear now! He has even sent his tent home so he can make faster progress to the finish line. He said his goal is to finish the hike by mid August! Then he is going to do the” Iron Man” in Kentucky in October! My grandson Parker is an incredible young man! What a story he will have to tell. What an adventure!

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