Katy is Eighty – A Better Me!

This year 2019, I am determined to be a better me. I have made my share of New Year resolutions and have never kept them more than a few weeks. This year I am working on my health, a little late, but at eighty it’s time to quit procrastinating and finally tackle this problem of my weight.

Katy at eighty in her normal uniform…Black and white..big shirt

I have gone on every diet you can think of and loss weight only to gain it back. So here goes another try, this time not to just loose the weight but to be healthy. I figure I am very lucky to be healthy and young at eighty so I need to keep on keeping on! This time it will no longer be by luck. It will now take doing all I can do to live out my life healthy. If you care to join me on this journey jump right in and we can encourage each other!

Here’s the program

If you haven’t read this book, do so now, it’s very inspiring and sensible. It is like an encycopedia on how to eat and enjoy your vegetables. It’s funny, endearing, and interesting. I’ve tried to eat vegetarian before but never really studied the principals or details on how to accomplish a vegetarian diet so it never worked.

I have to tell you before the holidays I checked out the Crazy Sexy Diet from the library before I decided to purchase it . I wanted to see if it was as good as I was told. I skimmed through the book and went on the 21-Day cleanse. I tried the recipes given in the cleanse and it liked most of them and the diet worked. I felt great, loss weight, had lots of energy, and much less joint pain, so I bought the book!

I have put on my refrigerator list of plants high in Protein and Calcuim, top Alkaline foods and acidic foods, and the best ways to combine food.

I put the Crazy Sexy Diet aside during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and of course regained all the weight and the join pain I had loss. So now I’m starting all over again determined to return to my energetic self and joints without pain.

I have completed the first week of the diet and have loss 6 pounds. Remember you always loose more weight your first week because you loose mostly water weight. A healthy weight loss is 2 pounds per week. So at this rate I will loose my 40 pounds by the end of May giving myself a few weeks, for what I call, wiggle room!

I would love to have you join me on this journey! The best way to succeed is to have a body of support. If you are interested please follow my blog and lets talk by email katybaquetdongieux@gmail.com. So come on in the water’s fine!

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