Celebrating the Engagement

Parker and Whitney’s engagement party in Oxford, Mississippi was on a beautiful starry night in the town where it all began. Parker and Whitney met their senior year at Ole Miss. Their love bloomed and Parker proposed with a beautiful family engagement ring given from a favorite aunt who had a long and happy marriage. This should be a good omen for this special couple.

“The engagement party” was held in the private home of a good friend that Whitney worked for in her boutique, “Elliot Lane,” while she attended college at Ole Miss. Parker and Whitney were thrilled that their friends and family came from far and wide to celebrate with them. They came coming California, Denver, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania and Louisiana. An extra bonus the evening of the engagement party was that it was Whitney’s grandfather birthday! It was a beautiful evening, rich in sentiment! (pictures above)

“The couples party,” the next day, was a Hawaiian theme and great fun! The party went on and on with great stories and lots of quality time with family and friends. It was given by Empress Buras and Penny Benzeman, who are long time family friends.

This weekend celebrating, “Parker and Whitney,” will be remembered as special and fun as all things are in Parker’s life; as he loves to celebrate the precious things in life. Whitney is more calm and composed and celebrates in a cool, calm and collected way! They perfectly complement each other. We all wish Parker and Whitney the best. A happy marriage and a long & loving life together as husband and wife!

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