A Magical Wedding

Whitney and Parker

Whitney Marr and Parker Maloney met in 2017 at Ole Miss! Parker was attending a party when Whitney and friends arrived home across the street. Parker knew one of the young ladies and walked across the street to chat. He decided it would be good to offer to cook them one of his favorite meals, then later decided to offer his home to Whitney and a friend, while he was out of town, because they needed a dog friendly home for a weekend.

It appeared that Parker was not finished impressing. It was Whitney he had his eye on! He asked her out on a first date to enjoy a four course meal with wine paring at “Grits.” Grits offers this special event every quarter and Whitney was very impressed that he brought her there on their first date. I wonder if there was magic in the air in 2017 as well?

Reneè, Whitney, Karen

Whitney was a beautiful bride! Her dress was simple and elegant. Her mother Karen and soon to be mother-in-law Reneé helped with finishes touches. It was a formal wedding which was Parker’s request and orchids were not only he decorating theme but were the centerpiece of Whitney’s bouquet. It was just heavenly!

Craig, Parker’s Dad salutes Parker who is now an officer in the Navy

Parker is in Flight school in Pensacola. The city of Pensacola has been referred to as “The Cradle of Naval Aviation”. Naval Air Station Pensacola was the first Naval Air Station commissioned by the U.S. Navy in 1914. Tens of thousands naval aviators have received their training there, including John H. Glenn, USMC, who became the first American to orbit the earth in 1962, and Neil Armstrong, who became the first man to set foot on the moon in 1969. The Navy’s Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, is stationed there as well. Parker and Whitney will be stationed there until Parker receives a new command at the end of this year.

Whitney and Parker’s Family Photo

Pensacola is the oldest Spanish Settlement in Florida. It celebrated it’s 450th birthday in 2009. Palafox Street, known as the gateway to Pensacola and the core artery of the downtown community, has deep roots in the city’s rich past.

This very special wedding took place throughout the unique downtown community. The wedding held in Old Christ Church which serves as a beacon for downtown’s historic districts and as an anchor for Historic Pensacola Village. The rehearsal dinner and reception were within walking distance or an uber ride away from all events.

Some of Whitney’s Guests were:

Some of Parker’s Guests were:

The band was the best I have heard in years; not that I go dancing these days. I’ll Let you decide what everyone thought. Check out the photo’s

Sometimes it is difficult to describe an event because words simply cannot capture the

Beauty, Joy, Happiness, and Excitement of it all.

Sometimes it’s best to let the pictures tell the story.

What do you think?

Did the “Good Times roll” at this magical wedding.



7 thoughts on “A Magical Wedding

  1. What a beautiful celebration of love. You are blessed with lovely daughters and grandchildren and now great grandchildren. And you celebrate each and everyone of them, they are lucky to have a person like you to Light, guide and guard their way.

    I can not express how happy I am the Kathy is no longer suffering and how much I appreciate your support to our family during Mommas passing and now Kathy’s, you have been a good and loving friend to her and I am sure she carried that love away in her soul……

    This was Mommas favorite prayer. Leah’s iPhone



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