Episode #12 – Coming Home

Coming Home

What does home mean to you?  To me home means a safe face.  A place we feel comfortable and loved.  It is a sanctuary and the place that holds our childhood memories.  Home may not be a perfect place at all times but it is the place that formed our deep emotional meaning of ourselves.

Home means acceptance. It is a place where those we love can drive us crazy one moment and make us feel like we can walk on water the next.  Home is where unconditional love is always available to us by the parents who love us.

So as children grow up and leave to attend a university they all long for a visit home to relax and recharge. They look forward to a semester break or a summer vacation at home.  For the parents and grandparents we also can’t wait for those visits.

ryan.jpgRyan graduated in Engineering from the University of Colorado on June19thand two days later he went off for a two-week trip through Italy. He is a lucky young man and well deserving. He studied hard and made great grades in a very hard major. As his grandmother I am so very proud of him.

ryan in Italy.jpg

He said beauty was everywhere from the seaside villages that plunge into the sparkling Mediterranean to the shores of the Amalfi coast, one of the most beautiful stretches in the world.  He experienced the paradise of Sorrento and Naples and explored the ruins of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.

He traveled from Milan to Florence in comfort and style on-board a sleek, high speed Italo train. While in Milan he enjoyed seeing the fashion icon city of Italy with its high-end shopping, style & Luxury goods as well as the DaVinci masterpiece, “The Last Supper.” He also really enjoyed the nightlife in Milam. He met up with friends   and he and Liz danced and partied ‘till dawn. He took in the magnificent architecture of Florence and spectacular sculptures and art that he found in museums throughout the city.

Ryan is now home interviewing for a job in biomedical engineering.  He has one offer in his pocket if he wants to wait for the position to become available in six months. In the meantime he is open to other offers. We have our fingers crossed.


Katy is home for the summer from attending SCAD, Savannah School of Art where she is an architectural major. She will be junior next fall and will be spending the fall term attending SCAD Hong Kong where she will be studying and traveling.  She will be leaving September 6th and will return home in November.  I’m so jealous!

images.png images-1.jpeg                   images.jpeg

Katy has been interning with a Covington designer and enjoying her friends while home. She has even put her design talent to work designing this birthday cake for one of her friends. It’s nice to be sooo talented.

birthday cake.jpg


The Crosby Family


Gunner came home over the 4thof July weekend . He has an internship at the Gagosian Gallery in San Francisco this summer.  He’s pictured here with his brother Dennis and sister Anita.  This fall he is excited that he and three of his friends will be living together at the Phi Kappa Psi house. Gunner is in the art department at Stanford.

Gunner's new art.jpg

This is his latest piece of art while in California

Gunner's art.jpg

Hot off the pen! A new sketch by Gunner.  We are so very proud of him!


The Dongieux Family

Parker and Whiskey #2.jpg

Parker came home from Ole Miss on several weekends this summer. He’s attending summer school so he can graduate in December so we only got to see him when he could get away on weekends. He plans to intern with an architectural firm after graduation to see if he wants to get a second degree in that field.

crawfish tble 2.jpg

Parker is making this crawfish table for his Dads’ birthday. I can’t wait to see the finished product. He has a very creative mind and this table is a masterpiece and shows his enormous talent.

Maloney Family.jpg

The Maloney Family and the newlyweds the Rosenbergs

These are the families of my three children,

daughter Jete’, son Duke, and daughter Renée

Life is good when all these young people come home. Our summer has been very full, busy, and filled with happiness and love. “Love makes the world go round,” is an English idiom and proverb, which is very important and essential.

We can see by the state of our country how life is not very pleasant without love.

I choose to love- how about you?


Episode #11 – The Heavenly World

                                                 Camp Illahee  “Heavenly World”

                                                                 A New Chapter

Chistian and Claire.jpg                                                                   Christian and Claire

Camp Illahee, an Indian name meaning “heavenly world,” is a summer camp for Girls located in Brevard, North Carolina.  Camp Illahee is one of the most beautiful camps in North Carolina. It is surrounded on all sides by the Blue Ridge Mountains, vast forested areas, multiple waterfalls, and freshwater springs.

My two granddaughters Christian and Claire are returning as counselors to a camp that they attended for seven years. They both feel like being a counselor is “the best job ever.” You can make a difference, you can inspire greatness, and you can grow as a person.  Welcome to our “heavenly world.”

My daughter Jete’, granddaughter Bailey and her husband Max, and myself will be driving the girls to Camp Illahee this Thursday, June 21st.  It’s a nine-hour drive through some of the most beautiful country God has created. We will drop the girls off at a camp that began its existence in 1921. Camp Illahee carry on a tradition of teaching campers to face challenges and build confidence in themselves.


As we arrived in Brevard and were walking around reacquainting ourselves with one of America’s “coolest small towns”  when Bailey saw a rainbow.  We took this as a good omen that this was going to be a very successful month at camp for Christian and Claire. Speaking of “cool,” we enjoyed every moment in Brevard with temperatures lingering around 79 degrees!


Brevard is located at the entrance to Pisgah National Forest and has become a noted tourism, retirement and cultural center in western North Carolina.

Brevard adjacent to DuPont State Forest is the only one in North Carolina designated as a recreational forest with over 6,000 visitors.  A waterfall in the forest, Triple Falls, was used as a filming location for the Hunger Games and Brevard is also known for its white squirrels


We arrived at camp when Christian and Claire ran into long time friends, also counselors for the July camp.  From left to right: Christian, Claire, MK, myself, Coleman, and Emily.

The counselors can hang out at the “Basement of Curtis” when they have free time.  Each counselor wrote a bio on themselves which is posted on one of the walls so the other counselors can learn about each other.




Each counselor has their own cubbies in the “Basement of Curtis” to keep their laptops, cell phones, and anything they need that are not allowed in the cabins.

IMG_2492                                       They also have reminders about duties!

We all helped the girls get settled in their cabins before the campers arrived.

IMG_2456.jpg                                                 Max, Bailey and Christian

IMG_8621.JPG                                                     Bailey and Christian

IMG_2476.jpg              Bailey and Max did a great job settling Christian in her cabin “Tiger Lily”

IMG_2475                           Walking back to the upper hill we arrived at Claire’s cabin

IMG_2459.jpgEach cabin has a slogan posted on their cabin as the campers arrive. This was Claire’s slogan!


IMG_2462.jpg                            Jete’ helping Claire get settled in Cabin fourteen!


IMG_2483.JPGComing down the hill from the cabins Christian, Claire, and campers will be passing this beautiful scene on their way to meals and activities!

We had such an incredible time in Brevard shopping and having interesting and fabulous meals. It was very hard to say goodbye to Christian and Claire and also to a wonderful family togetherness. The beautiful and rustic Maloney cabin, our home while in Brevard, set the stage for a memorable mountain get-away!



The world is full of marvels and we need not travel outside the United States to experience the world’s most beautiful mountain towns. So head for the hills.

This trip for me was more than experiencing the Heavenly World of Illahee.  It was the thrill of seeing my two grandchildren turn a new chapter in their lives, one of leadership in a very personal way.  They are now taking on the role of teacher, role model, and hero. They will be interacting with these young campers 24 hours a day in one form or another; teaching them, guarding them and protecting them. They will leave being a different person from the one we drove to camp.

I looked at a picture of Christian walking her campers to breakfast with this wide-awake smile on her face.  I said to myself where is the sleepy head young lady we brought to camp that could never get up much less smile in the morning.

I watched Claire getting all organized for her campers to arrive. Although Claire is a very organized person, she was different in her wanting everything to be perfect for her campers.  She is a born leader and I know will come home a seasoned chief executive officer.

My granddaughter Bailey and her new husband Max took on the responsibility of getting Christian ready for camp and settled in camp. Her mother Reneé couldn’t come to see her baby take on this very grown up job. However I know she is very proud of her first-born Bailey and husband Max for their participation in this adventure.

My daughter Jete’ is a marvel to me with her bondless drive to make life good for her children and all those around her. She is the first sergeant, the heart and Soul of her family.

You see life is not only good but it is filled with all the colors of that rainbow we saw when we arrived in Brevard. At eighty my cup in running over with the joy and love I feel for my daughter Jete’, for Bailey & Max, for Christian and Claire and the great four days we spent together in “The Heavenly World” of illahee.

Episode #8 – Marriage

img120-TempleExterior-BW-recent.jpgGene and I were married in 1964 in Chicago, Illinois in the Chapel in the Sky. This 568-foot skyscraper is the tallest church building in the world.  It serves as a Neo-Gothic monument to the Methodists’ commitment to “the Loop” in downtown Chicago at a time when pressure was great to move to the suburbs.  It is the home to the First United Methodist Church of Chicago, the oldest congregation in the city.


Mrs. Walgreen (of the founders of Walgreen’s) put up the money to have the chapel built in the steeple.  It is hidden up at the top of the skyscraper church.


Our wedding was very intimate and special in this “Chapel in the sky” and a lovely memory.

Our best man gave us a private dinner with a strolling violinist in one of the downtown hotels and a night stay at the hotel as a wedding present.  The next morning Gene took the “L” back to Loyola and I had an early morning flight to Cleveland, Ohio that our best man was on. Life in the windy city was an exciting time and we met and knew some of the most amazing people.

February 29, 1960 was a historic day for Chicago and the world.  Playboy magazine owner Hugh Hefner decided to open up the world’s first Playboy Club on Walton Street in the Gold Coast. The club provided the first appearance of the Playboy Bunnies.  As VIPs of the club, key-holders could enter the club at anytime and indulge in an atmosphere filled with music, alcohol and nubile women.  The flagship Chicago location was so successful that it became the busiest club in the world.  These clubs became known as “Disneyland for adults.” The Chicago Playboy Club helped solidify the greater Rush and Division Street area as one of the most happening areas in the country during the 1960’s.


As a graduation present from Dental school Gene was given a “Key” to the Playboy Club.  You could eat free on Wednesday nights. So guess where we spent many Wednesday nights?

Money was tight but we managed to be able to enjoy so much spectacular entertainment that Chicago offered.  Also our apartment was so convenient to where everything was happening in the world of entertainment in Chicago.

Our apartment was located not far from a club called Mister Kelly’s.  We frequented Mister Kelly’s a great deal and saw the most incredible entertainers, one of which was Barbara Streisand in one of her first appearances.

From around 1956 until its demise, Mister Kelly’s was a springboard to fame for many entertainers, especially jazz singers and comedians.  As reported in the Chicago Tribune, “it was a supernova in the local and national nightlife firmament.


Below a reporter Charlie Dawn reports on Barbara Streisand’s successful show.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 2.44.32 PM.png

CHICAGO AMERICAN — June 13, 1963

Dusk Till Dawn

Popular Songs Unusually Sung

By Charlie Dawn 

Take popular songs like “Happy Days Are Here Again” and “Cry Me A River” and you listen, today, with half-hearted interest. But take those same songs with the unusual dressing Barbra Streisand gives them and they become alive and thrilling all over again!

Miss Streisand is the young songstress who has done a Broadway show, made numerous featured personal appearances on television network shows, and now is capturing the fancy of Chicagoans in Mister Kelly’s on Rush Street.

She opened her first engagement in Mister Kelly’s this week and judging by the crowds who have gathered to hear her—early and late— her 3-week showing will be a hefty winner!

For those who seek unusual treatment in song presentation, Miss Streisand is the answer. And for those who merely want entertainment the answer is the same.

With Peter Daniels as accompanist, Barbra unfolds many fine songs, all dressed in Streisand style. “Cry Me A River,” the way she does it, sort of makes you forget about Johnnie Ray who introduced the number. And “Happy Days…” takes a new stance in the Streisand program.

Among other winners this comely lady presents are “Any Place I Hang My Hat is Home,” “Keeping Out of Mischief Now,” “Who Will Buy?” and “Down With Love.”

With singing — and performing — talent like this, it’s no wonder Mister Kelly’s is doing a bang-up business!

Sometimes we had to drive to Skokie to see some amazing concerts.  Even though our car wouldn’t go in reverse we managed to find parking places on corners where we just could go forward. Since we didn’t have the money to get it fixed we always found a way to get around.

We saw one of Nat King Cole’s final performances in Skokie in 1963.  It was amazing and one of the highlight performances of my life. I remember it that way still today.  He died the next year in 1964 of lung cancer.

We loved Chicago so very much and would have stayed there after Gene graduated if it hadn’t been for the winter weather.  I can remember the icy wind whipping off the lake almost blowing you off your feet and making your knees bleed. It was soooo cold!

We did return to New Orleans and set up an Orthodontic practice on what is called the west bank of the city.  Ten year later our marriage ended in divorce.  I have spent about thirty years being mad at Gene for messing up my dream. Just a few years ago I decided to bury the hatchet, so to speak, and “forgave him.”

You see I finally have figured out that my dream may not have been his dream.  I figured out that life goes on and goes on very well by you.  I figured out that I could be in charge of my own destiny and be happy and successful. I figured out that no one promises you a “rose garden” unless it’s an exceptional person that you just haven’t meant.

In forgiving Gene I have found he has become my new “BFF” and that makes me happy.


So my lesson on living well today and for the rest of your life is to “forgive.”

Do it now “Forgive” because it’s freeing and can release so much tension and unhappiness in your life.

Write me if this lesson suggestion “to forgive” has helped you!

Episode #7 – My Life

As we get older there may be times when we feel irrelevant and left behind. To live well as we age it’s important that we appreciate the life we have lead and find a feeling of happiness in our journey.  We gain wisdom and joy that’s only possible through our personal journey. That wisdom is now our gift to our family.

It’s called the story of our life and it should be documented for our grandchildren to know.  People today are in search of their past and who their relatives were, how they lived and how they contributed to times they lived in.

What does the story of your life say about you?  As you write your story you will receive a renewed realization that you are a very special person.  A person you should be proud of and excited about.  That no matter how much attention is focused on your children and grandchildren, you know that at one time you set the stage that the younger generation stands on. It’s your story, your life and you can be pleased with the person you were and will continue to be for the remaining years of your life.

My story began the first five years of my life in a very small community of Iota, Louisiana.  We moved to Church Point, Louisiana when my father took over his father’s bakery “the Baquet Bakery” when his father became ill and could no longer run it.

BabyKaty (2).jpg

It’s hard to believe this small time girl accomplished so much.  There were many first for me beginning with my trip to Europe in the last six weeks of my senior year in high school.  No one from my high school had ever taken a trip to Europe. I was required to give a talk to the assembly with business people in our town as well as the students.  I became an instant celebrity and was voted the most “likely to Succeed” in my class.  I didn’t feel this was deserved because I was not that popular or achieved much in high school, so for me it was a hollow award.  I was however the editor the “Sulphur High” year book my senior year, which was an award I did value


I become comfortable in my own skin in college joining a sorority, Chi Omega, being the director of the home economics yearly fashion show and becoming sweetheart of Sigma Chi fraternity.  College was so much fun, I was popular, I was very happy and unfortunately my studies took a back seat.

I cruised over with a group of college students to attend the University of Hawaii the summer of 1959 the year Hawaii became a state.  That was a magical time with many celebrities like Debbie Reynolds, Loretta Young, Tab Hunter, and David Niven, running around the beach we frequented almost every day in front of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.  We met and went to parties with all the young people on the island from the native Hawaiians to the Americans that lived there. This was the first time in my life that I interacted with people of different cultures.  I have to say this summer taught me so many lessons in human interaction and friendship. It was a time of some of my most treasured memories.


My next lesson in life was when I failed to graduate from college in 1960.  I failed organic Chemistry for the second semester. I even tried to bribe my professor with dinners at the home economics house in order to hopefully get a D- in the course and graduate with my class. It failed!  I learned a big lesson about failure and the fact that to succeed you had to earn it by working for it and studying for it. Some lessons aren’t always happy ones but important ones.

I did meet my husband to be when I transferred back to LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana trying to once again graduate from college.  After he graduated from Dental school and moved to Chicago to attend Loyola University to get a degree in Orthodontics I applied with United Airlines to be a “Stewardess”.

IMG_2370 2.jpg

My mother was very much opposed to me being what she called a “flying waitress” and moving to Chicago. However I got the job and was stationed, yes, in the windy city.  It’s funny how life seems to give you the opportunity of growth.  The lessons I learned in flying the friendly skies of United were great.  So many wonderful friendships were made from one of the vice president of the airlines to and architect in Seattle, Washington who became the best man at my wedding. We were always holding over Chicago because of weather conditions so we had to learn how to be very creative in entertaining to appease the customers who were missing their meetings and connections.  I just loved this job.  It was one of the best jobs I ever had.

This job taught me responsibility and how to be an actress, a comforter, and a leader.  This was the best job I have ever had and I preformed it with excellence and a sense of pride in my dedication to this company.

The 60’s were the best time to be a stewardess or flight attendant.  We had a handful of people in first class and only a half cabin full in tourist.  People actually dressed up to fly and the food service was spectacularly wonderful. I was so fortunate to have gotten this opportunity at this time in my life.


When I got married in my second year of flying I could no longer be a Stewardess so I transferred to reservations.  I soon learned it wasn’t the job for me. I found it quiet exhausting.  However soon after I was working there Air France gave a very great package of appreciation to United Airline reservation clerks, four days and three nights in Paris with expenses paid except for gratuity.  We were able to scrape together enough money to cover the tips that we would have to pay and off we went on a honeymoon in Paris compliments of Air France.

I will end this tale right here and once again say that these experiences have made me the person I have become. At eighty I look back at all these moments and life lessons as a beautiful story that I want to share with my grandchildren and their children.  So I write it down for the generations to come in my family.

I challenge you to do the same!

Episode #6 – Value of friend and family

This episode is about the value of friendship and family.  As I said in episode five I was off to Dallas for our yearly get together with my “BFF” college friends.  My suggestion on living well was to always stay close to your best friends so that your life will be enriched and filled with the love that only a best friend can give.

IMG_4311.jpgfrom left to right: Sally, Sylvia, Starr, and Sylvia’s new dog Jake. In the back row: myself

We now feel eighty after taking this picture. We messed up the “order” of our yearly photograph. So now when we show all the years this one will  be in reverse.  Does it really matter, at eighty you can do whatever you want.  Can’t you?

This year our visit was particularly special as we excitedly anticipated seeing each other. We enjoyed four days of games, entertainment and great food.  We walked and talked and spent a great deal of quality-time sharing about our families and our lives.

We also needed unconditional support with family concerns and cherished the insights given. We cried a little for the struggles each of us were having. These interactions between us were profound and positive in the way only “BFF” friend can give. We felt stronger and more settled in just the four wonderful days we spent being together.  We can’t wait until next year to once again experience that special time only “BFF” friends can encounter together.

This is the value of friendship and why it is so important to keep those long lasting friendships close to your heart.  No one understands you more than those friends. They have walked in your shoes; so to speak, all through the years you have known each other.  Your children haven’t walked those miles with you so they don’t understand your fears, your values, your dreams, but your close friends do. Close friends are your blanket of love and understanding like no others.  Keep them close!

I arrived home in time to celebrate Mother Day with my family. Since family is the other focal point in this blog it’s important for me to describe my three children and the ways they are my rock and my reason for living.

I have three wonderful and accomplished children.  I am blessed and feel God and my special angel “Sandy” kissed me from above.  Sandy has been my guardian angel since she left this world in 1948. I always felt she sat on my right shoulder and looked after my children and help guide them and me through this uncertain world.

When I held my first child Jete’ in my arms I thought life could not be more complete until my son Duke arrived the next year.  I had the perfect family a girl and a boy.  Life was good!  Surprise, surprise two years later we had a third bundle of joy Rene’e.  Each of my children has given the world three children. My grandchildren  have brought a sense of purpose and meaning and excitement to all of our lives.

My three children have remained close but not without a struggle. Sometimes we have to pray and seek guidance to overcome conflicts and hard feelings.  However each one of my children brings a unique perspective to the family dynamics that only she or he can bring.  I can’t imagine my life without seeing them, hearing them, speaking with them, loving them.  They are the reason I wake up in the morning and have sweet dreams at night.  They are my blessings!  Thank you God!


From left to right:  Katy, a sophomore at Savannah School of Art, Jete’. Claire, a sophomore at University of Kentucky. in the back: Tommy and Ryan, who graduates this June from the University of Denver.


From left to right: Anita, Duke, Gunner and Dennis.  Anita is a freshman in high school and loves dance. Gunner a freshman at Stanford, Dennis in the seventh grade and loves baseball.

Renee, Craig and gang.jpg

From left to right: Christian a Sophomore at Savannah school of art, the newly weds Max and Bailey, they were married this past November and are young professionals, Craig,Rene’e, and Parker a senior at Ole Miss, and their wonderful dogs Bear, River, Whiskey.

Episode #5 – friendaversary

Best friends enrich your life and are the people you trust above all others to keep your brightest and darkest secrets. They are the people you call with good news and the ones who can soothe your soul during times of great sadness. A best friend can be summed up best like this:

best friend.jpg

My fifth suggestion on living well is always stay close to your best friends so that your life will be enriched and filled with love that only a best friend can give you.

Visiting friends is a must in my life!  I have three groups of friends that I must visit ever so often because of the joy they bring to my life. They are my high school friends, my college friends, and friends who used to live in my city who have moved away.

I am lucky that my high school friends get together often each year to celebrate whatever they can dream up to celebrate so we can all get together and share stories of family and crazy things we did in our youth. These times keep me grounded in the reality of my life and who I will always be “myself, Katy” at ten, than twenty, turning thirty, than forty, God forbid fifty, oh my God sixty, how did I get to be seventy, can you believe I’m eighty!  If I can remain true to myself than life would have served me well.

Sulphur Christmas party.jpg

Some of my high school friends at the Christmas luncheon in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  Shirl’s mother Doris is in her nineties and keeps us all on our toes.

My second set of best friends are my college roommates from my years at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.  Those were the years of discovery and adventure.  Those were the years of awakening as to who I could be, what I would like to achieve, and what kind of legacy I would like to leave behind for hopefully others to build on or consider worthy.

Katy_0017 (2).jpg

Starr, me, Sylvia, Sally at Starr’s home in Atlanta sooo many years ago.

The Gang.jpg

Starr, me, Sylvia and Sally  with “Brandi” about nine years ago at Sylvia’s home in Dallas.

Starr, Sylvia, Sally and myself get together once a year now usually at our various homes in Dallas, Fort Walton Beach, Atlanta, and New Orleans.  I am leaving tomorrow for Dallas so my next Blog will share all the fun we had. Don’t forget to tune in next weekend to hear all about it.

My third group of friends who get together to celebrate and contemplate life are Patti and Andy and myself.  We don’t get to see each other very often but when we do we bring the house down with laughter, wine, and good times.

Katy (3).jpg

Andy, myself, and Patti years earlier.

I like to think the benefit of friendship is immeasurable.  That every great friendship improves your self-confidence because you know there is some one who truly gets you and loves you for who you are.  I also think every great friendship is the only thing that can encourage you to change or help you avoid an unhealthy habit or lifestyle because you trust that friends judgment and are willing to listen to his/her advice.

The last group of friends live in my hometown and one about one hour away.  Joann and Coco have been my friends for about five or six years.

It really doesn’t matter how long you have been friends with someone it has to do with connection.  Both these ladies became instant friends and that friendship grew stronger with each year.  They are the people I keep in touch with all the time.  Sharing our lives with each other is an important part of my days.  Everyone needs friends like these two ladies; friends who pick up the telephone to say hello I’m thinking about you. Hearing their voice, speaking of their life experiences, and they also wondering about yours. Just to hear their voice,  having them telephone, or having lunch together says you are special to me and makes my day special.

IMG_0917 9.33.00 PM.jpg

Joann and me!

                Gunner, Coco and me.jpg

 Coco and me!

 Why not share some of your special friendships with me which I can pass on to others.

Episode #4 – The Importance of Family

My lesson on living well in this episode is the importance of family.

My strong belief in family began during my childhood in a small country town, Church Point, Louisiana.  I was blessed because I was born into a beautiful and nourishing family.  It started with my maternal grandparents, not my immediate family.

My mother’s mother was a strong; take charge woman who was a fabulous cook, and seamstress. She was a woman who loved God and attended Mass everyday.  She always had a brood of grandchildren playing around the house every single day.  We would walk home from school and stop at grandmother’s house, as we would enter her house you could smell the aroma of fresh baked sweet dough pies and a number of sweet delights she had laid out on the kitchen table. Sometimes we would sit on the floor and watch her cut fabric and patterns to make something wonderful. She would often let us help and she would teach us techniques about sewing like always pressing seams, clipping corners and curves, etc.

Weekends were especially fun with our grandparents, parents and all the cousins gathered on the lawn. Everyone would spending time catching up with the gossip of the week and we played under the big weeping willow tree.  We took turns on the crank of the ice cream makers waiting for more than one flavor of homemade ice cream to be ready.

My mother’s father was warm, funny, and larger than life and he was a God loving man. He demanded that any grandchild spending the night was down on their knees with the family as he recited the rosary before bedtime.  The next morning he took us with him to his farm to milk the cows and gave us a squirt of milk and a cool drink of water from his hand pump. He loved his grandchildren and spent time trying to teach each of us French words and telling us stories sitting on his lap around the kitchen table.  It seems like the kitchen at their home was always our gathering spot and the heart of family’s special moments during the week.   However all the family participated on Sundays for a formal family dinner and afterwards gathered in the living room to talk and have family time together.

My parents were wonderful yet the death of my sister when I was six years old left them damaged.  My father was a Banker whom everyone loved and a pillar in the community. My mother was  a very talented teacher whose students returned in later years to say she gave them the greatest foundation to become successful in life.  There was much sadness however in our home and lots of drinking to wash away their pain.  My happy spot were times spent with grandmother Ernestine and granddaddy Pierre and all my cousins, aunts and uncles.  Unknowingly, I learned many life lessons from my parents and surrounded by my extended family that gathered weekly to be together. This made me a very strong, self-aware person.  I have always felt comfortable in my own skin. I had a clear understanding of my abilities and situation. With that being said, I have never felt life owed me anything or jealous of others success.  So I can say I have lived an uncomplicated and satisfied life. This is a result of growing up with a supportive family who gave me a loving, encouraging, and positive upbringing.

Life is good and I’m living well. Please share your life story with me that I might share with other readers.


My grandfather Pierre with me, my sister and some of our cousins.


My grandmother Ernestine with my sister and me.


My mother and father and my sister and myself.

Sandy (10).jpg

Saturdays in my grandparents yard.