Episode #25 – The joys of Christmas!

The joys of Christmas!

The grandchildren have come home and now all the excitement and joy of the Christmas holidays begin. With the grandchildren’s smiling faces, all their activities, the shopping, parties, going out, and seeing friends. The fullness of family life fills the air. OH JOY!

The first two grandchildren to arrive home are Christian and Katy home from “SCAD” Savannah School Art & Design, in Savannah, Georgia. Christian is majoring in Equestrian studies and rides on the Equestrian team. She will be doing an accreditation next quarter. She will be having a working internship in Houston, Texas at Top Line Sport horses International. She will return to Scad to complete her senior year this spring. Katy is studying Architecture and will be interning with Architectural firms over the Christmas break and return to SCAD to complete her junior year of study. Katy is also very talented in Interior decorating and has interned in that field as well.

The next one to arrive is Claire who is attending the University of Kentucky where she is studying Human Nutrition. She will also be graduating next year in 2019. Oh dear all our babies are all grown up and ready to enter the business world soon or go on to graduate school.

One of our first family activities was to attend a Christmas program at City Church.  We were all treated to this event by my exhusband, Gene!  We all had a great time and the play was fun, fast moving, and had a great message of someone who lost the meaning of Christmas and through love found his way back.

from left to right Renèe, Craig, Jete, Gene, Family friend Karl, Claire, Me (Katy) & Katy! Kneeling is one of the actors. Guess who?

Gunner has now arrived home from Stanford University where he is in his Sophomore year majoring in art and Computer Science. The fall semester in 2019 he will study art in Florence, then return to Stanford to complete is Junior year.

A family tradition during the holidays is making Church Point Pralines. We made them this year at Renèe & Craig’s home. This is the gate to their new home! The property is beautiful with three British Labradors, Christian’s Thoroughbred horse Ganster, and a mimi horse Alvin all running around. If you were not in the Christmas spirit you would surely have it by spending time here!

the two steps to making Church Point Pralines….sooooo easy!

Mom, Renèe and oldest daughter, Bailey made a successful batch which will be eaten in half a minute. Oh well it’s one of the gifts of Christmas!

This is my Ninety nine year old aunt Anita’s cook book first published in 1977 and revised in 1993. The receipt for these pralines is in this cookbook. However this is the simple way to make these creamy delicious delights for the holidays:

In a large heavy pot combine 2 1/2 cups sugar, 1 cup pet milk, a pinch of soda and cook slowly. In a smaller heavy pot heat 3/4 cup of sugar until melted and carmelized to a light brown color. Then add this to the large pot slowly stirring constantly. Cook until a small amount forms a soft ball when tested in cold water then add 1/2 stick of butter and cook about 2 minutes more. Remove from heat and stir like crazy until you feel it starting to get thick, then add 1 to 2 cups of chopped pecans (or) whole pecans and drop candy on wax paper to cool and set. Yum!

Parker is arriving today December 21st after graduating from Ole Miss and going on a graduation ski trip with buddies. Parker will continue his adventures by going on a five to six month hike on the Pacific coast trail from Mexico to Canada. Then returning home to find a job!

Ryan graduated last year as an engineer from the University of Denver. He gets home on the 23rd from Indiana where he works for a medical Company in bloomington, Indiana. We can’t wait for all to be home and spending time together. Our family Christmas will take place on the 23rd so stay tuned.

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