Summa Cum Laude

With Highest distinction! My granddaughter Claire Linnette Crosby made a 4.0+ gpa throughout her college career. She’s a young lady with a multitude of layers! She soft, charming, a devil at times, beautiful and has a heart of gold. Claire is determined, she sets goals, and loves to win. In fact her records as a runner at her high school in Mandeville, Louisiana and also her State records still have not been broken. Helping people is her MOTO! Learning is her “LOVE.”

Claire decided to go to the University of Kentucky because they were one of the Universities who scouted her to be on their running team. She liked their Athletic department and that became her focus. She decided before the end of her freshman year that her passion had shifted and she found herself in one of the “Top 20 public research institution” in the country. Claire loved research and worked for Dr. Kevin Pearson on how diet affected Mice. Now she discovered her path which was studying, learning, and serving people.

Claire’s field of study at Kentucky was Human Nutrition in the College of Agriculture. She worked in the research lab discovering how environmental factors affect health. She also participated in Campus Kitchen at the University of Kentucky which is an on-campus student service organization that provides a sustainable approach to reducing food waste on college campuses while also providing healthy meals to those struggling with hunger. In 2016 they were recognized as “Campus Kitchen of the Year” out of nearly sixty across the nation.

You could find Claire in the evenings cooking with her roommates, eating out with friends or running through the neighborhood. Claire still loves to run for exercise! Since Claire didn’t get to participate in a graduation ceremony, she and her twin Katy took these pictures on campus the day they moved her out of her campus home.

Katy and Claire drove to 2 1/2 hours from Kentucky to Indianapolis where Claire will spend a year working for AmeriCorps. What is AmeriCorps you ask?

I am confident that Claire will make a difference at AmeriCorp! I know she will decide on a career that will be challenging and will serve society and she will do it with style and grace!

6 thoughts on “Summa Cum Laude

  1. Katy….what a legacy!! I have always loved you and admired your life and character throughout the years…thank you for embracing me “back in the day”…
    You are deeply loved by me and my crew….🥰


    1. Thanks Melanie for those kind words! I love writing about my family, I’m so proud of the accomplishments of my grandchildren. I ‘m glad you like to read about them!


  2. Wow! What a gal! Claire, the world needs more like you! If everyone would lend a hand to brother and sister like you want to do, wouldn’t it be a different place? You make God smile Claire….I just know it!! Go get ‘em…sky’s the limit💕 Starr


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