Summa Cum Laude

With Highest distinction! My granddaughter Claire Linnette Crosby made a 4.0+ gpa throughout her college career. She’s a young lady with a multitude of layers! She soft, charming, a devil at times, beautiful and has a heart of gold. Claire is determined, she sets goals, and loves to win. In fact her records as a runner at her high school in Mandeville, Louisiana and also her State records still have not been broken. Helping people is her MOTO! Learning is her “LOVE.”

Claire decided to go to the University of Kentucky because they were one of the Universities who scouted her to be on their running team. She liked their Athletic department and that became her focus. She decided before the end of her freshman year that her passion had shifted and she found herself in one of the “Top 20 public research institution” in the country. Claire loved research and worked for Dr. Kevin Pearson on how diet affected Mice. Now she discovered her path which was studying, learning, and serving people.

Claire’s field of study at Kentucky was Human Nutrition in the College of Agriculture. She worked in the research lab discovering how environmental factors affect health. She also participated in Campus Kitchen at the University of Kentucky which is an on-campus student service organization that provides a sustainable approach to reducing food waste on college campuses while also providing healthy meals to those struggling with hunger. In 2016 they were recognized as “Campus Kitchen of the Year” out of nearly sixty across the nation.

You could find Claire in the evenings cooking with her roommates, eating out with friends or running through the neighborhood. Claire still loves to run for exercise! Since Claire didn’t get to participate in a graduation ceremony, she and her twin Katy took these pictures on campus the day they moved her out of her campus home.

Katy and Claire drove to 2 1/2 hours from Kentucky to Indianapolis where Claire will spend a year working for AmeriCorps. What is AmeriCorps you ask?

I am confident that Claire will make a difference at AmeriCorp! I know she will decide on a career that will be challenging and will serve society and she will do it with style and grace!

Good and Evil

This painting in Emery Clark series reminds me of a world in turmoil and a small glimmer of hope appearing on the horizon. For six weeks now, I have been living in my home, running out for a quick trip to the grocery store, a quick run into my church, Mary Queen of Peace, to bring prayer request and get religious reading material like, “Rediscover Jesus.” I also take quick walks through the Sanctuary to get fresh air in a private and safe subdivision. I also every two weeks run a payroll check over to Gretna, Louisiana to my very devoted manager who is holding down the fort of my closed “Painting With a Twist” studio. I wonder like most of you what is this evil all about and can any good come out of this?

In this painting can you see peace and hope? I have a very dear friend Emery Clark, an artist extraordinary, who has giving me permission to use her art to tell my Coronavirus story. My story is a search of faith which I have been doing off and on for many years, actually since after Hurricane Katrina devastated the New Orleans area on August 29, 2005. In the last two years I have gotten more serious in my search after attending a study in Kentucky with my dearest friend Starr, on the life of Thomas Merton.

Thomas Merton a Trappist monk

Thomas Merton was born in France in January 31, 1915 entered Gethsemani Abbey in 1941, Died in Bangkok, Thailand in 1968. His most famous Spiritual Classic was, “The Seven Storey Mountain.” This is a story of his seeking a deeper union with God. His life and search for God is inspiring and I want to have this hunger in my life. So in these six weeks of stay at home orders I have been studying almost all the time on rediscovering my faith!

Art has a way of speaking to one’s heart and soothes one’s soul. This painting reminds me of our beautiful world, one that only God can create and one that God gave to us! That is why I love Emery’s art so much. I have a piece of her art over my desk and when I am writing or studying or soul searching I sometimes sit back and just gauze at her painting. I’m a student of Matthew Kelly of Dynamic Catholic fame, who teaches people how to become the-best-version-of-themselves. I’m doing a forty day study by Matthew Kelly of “Rediscovering Jesus.” I also love “Formed” the Catholic faith on Demand, where I am learning about “Divine Mercy.” It’s a 10 part series of the Divine Mercy miracle. I strongly suggest that it is a series everyone should watch or read about.

Faustina Kowalska was a Polish nun who joined the convent of Our Lady of Mercy in Warsaw in 1925 painted which currently hangs in the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Vilnius, Lithuania. Subsequently, Pope John Paul II established the Feast of Divine Mercy on that Sunday of each liturgical year. We are living in the time of God’s Mercy!

These two paintings in Emery’s collection remind me of hope! Even though this pandemic has been very painful, I feel our world will come through this and “a wonderful awakening will take place.” I feel I’m not the only one searching for God and a better world for our generation and for future generations. We are to be the guardians of our world; I think we could all be doing a much better job. Maybe our focus has been too worldly with temptations and evils occurring all around us all the time, “the devil at hard work.” We should instead focuses on the spiritual battle, “God’s work.” In John10:10 God says, “I came so that they may have life and have it more abundantly.” I’m awake! How about You?

If you love Emery art as much as I do you can call her at 985/807-7828 or click on this link to read about her. Emery Clark | 64 Parishes.

Friendships paint the world Happy

On March 3rd I flew to Atlanta, Georgia to visit my college friend Starr and her husband Don at their new home at Lenbrook a retirement facility.

They live on the eighth floor of the newest tower of Lynbrook and their view of the Buckhead area is spectacular! Buckhead is known as the “Beverly Hills of the East.” It is an area surrounded by elegant tree-lined residential streets and some of the most remarkable architecture and landscapes in the south. It has great restaurants and shopping! Not a bad place to hang your hat.

Another reason I went to Atlanta is to wish another friend Gerry a 89th Happy Birthday! Actually Starr planned a little birthday luncheon with only four of her friends, since she had been recently sick. We had a great time and Gerry was surprised and very happy about the event.

Starr and Don brought a program to the attention of Lenbrook called “Backpack Buddies.” It was started two years ago by Ronald and Samra Robbins who launched a program that altered life for dozens of families at Dunwoody’s Kingsley Elementary School. Their Backpack Buddies program at Congregation Beth Shalom began by providing weekend meals for 50 children at a school where more than half of the student body qualified for free and reduced-price breakfast and lunch.

Lenbrook embraced the program and I helped them pack up about forty eight lunches that were delivered to Dresden Elementary School.

Another program Don has been involved with for the last twenty-five years, through his Rotary Club, is hosting and being the Master of Ceremony of the annual Beauty pageant at Pruitt Health nursing home in Atlanta. Each year, between 25 and 35 nursing homes across Georgia elect to participate in the MS. GHCA Pageant. Each facility holds an in-house pageant to determine who will advance to the state-level event. These local pageants involve interested participants dressing in long, formal gowns, sharing their personal history of community service, career accomplishments and family achievements, and sharing or showing off their favorite hobbies. A panel of judges made of local community leaders pose questions such as what they like most about their skilled nursing facility and how they continue to help others in need. Family and friends are invited to the pageant, and the winner is presented with a crown, sash and flowers.

This lady was the winner! She was from Rhode Island, has a master degree and worked in the health care profession all her life. She said she has traveled the world and has had a marvelous life thanks to her lord! She was a charmer and will advance to the State Pageant. I’m so glad Don asked Starr and me to be one of the judges, it was emotionally rewarding!

Our last night in Atlanta Starr and Don invited Martha who also lives at LenBrook and went to Auburn with Starr and I. She also invited Maureen, another friend to dine. We all had dinner in the Fine Dining Room at Lenbrook and had dessert in their Apartment afterward. What a wonderful way to end a perfect visit with “bestest” friends!

Starr, Don and myself drove back to New Orleans and Mandeville, Louisiana for two days of fun and a Prayer Event we had been looking forward to for months. My daughter Jete’ and her husband Tommy’s turned their beautiful home over to us for the weekend after first delighting us with raw oysters and fried fish. Such a treat!

Starr, Don and I went to “The Dynamic Prayer Event” at Mary Queen of Peace Catholic church in Mandeville on Saturday, March 7th. It was an event we will not forget. It was powerful, soulful, deep, and emotional. I wish everyone I know and love could have heard it (so) if you click on this link you can see it and hear it. Get comfortable and be prepared to love the message and the messenger!

I’ll end this blog with this message from Matthew Kelly:

Thanks for following my Blog! See you again soon so stay tuned for Katy is Eighty and living life well!

My Period of Growth in Florence

I was speaking with Gunner today about his studies at Stanford in Florence. He said he was watching an artist at the Duomo di Milano- “Milan Cathedral” restore an old masterpiece painting by Tintoretto. The artist was stripping down the masterpiece to the original brush strokes of the artist.

He said being in Florence studying with teachers such as Monsignor Timothy Verdon and Fillippo Rossi has stripped all the layers of disbelief in his thoughts about his art and of himself as a person. He said his vision has grown clear about his art. He also said he has grown much more grounded as a person.

Born in the United States (New Jersey, 1946), Timothy Verdon is an art historian formed at Yale University (Ph.D. 1975). He has lived in Italy for more than fifty years and since 1994 is a Roman Catholic priest in Florence, where he directs the Diocesan Office of Sacred Art and Church Cultural Heritage and the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo. Richly illustrated, Monsignor Verdon wrote Art and Prayer which explains that images work in believers as tools that teach them how to turn to God. 

Gunner loves this teacher and says as he walks on tours with him people are always stopping to speak with him because he is so well known and loved.

Filippo Rossi (1970), who has been exhibiting his work since 1994, has been exploring the themes of Christian sacred art for over 10 years. After training in the life drawing school at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, he graduated in art history from the University of Florence.
Since 1997 he has been Visiting Professor at the Stanford University Centre for Overseas Studies in Florence. He also collaborates with the art historian Timothy Verdon. He is currently Coordinator of the Diocesan Office of Sacred Art and Church Cultural Heritage at the Curia of the Archdiocese of Florence. His works are conserved in museums and collections both in Italy and abroad.

Gunner is so excited to have Mr. Rossi as a teacher and he promised to have Gunner attend one of his Gallery openings before Gunner’s term is over.

Gunner has made friends with a group of students at Stanford in Florence and they take trips on the weekend. This trip was to Milan! Some will be going with Gunner to Budapest, Venice, and Barcelona before the end of their schooling. Gunner will return to New Orleans March 17th before returning to Stanford for his senior year!

On January 1st Duke and I flew to Florence, Italy to meet Gunner and get him settled at Stanford in Florence for his Winter quarter of studies.

When we arrived in Florence and met up with Gunner at the airport in Florence; we got settled in our apartment and started our days of exploring Florence. We toured the Petti Palace and the Galleria dell’Accedemia where we had a wonderful guided tour with historical facts about the creation of “the David.” It was fascinating! We were to tour the Duomo but realized we made the reservation for the Duomo in Milan by mistake. Oh well! We had seen so much we were very tired and when I saw how big the Duomo was I was glad to call it a day!

Stanford is housed in the private residence of the Smelick Family. The university is located on the second floor and only thirty students attend each session. The students will have two dinners with the family and other dignitaries from Florence before they leave. They were also given passes to the Duomo, The Uffizi Gallery, and the Galleria dell’Accademis to visit as much as they like. Gunner has an internship at the Duomo which he says is pretty boring. He sits at a desk and greets people and give them a free 30 minute free tour of the main Chapel. “Thank goodness it’s only for 2 hours a week,” he says.

One day we venture to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower which is a freestanding bell tower of the Cathedral. It is known worldwide for its four-degree lean due to an unstable foundation. The structure was stabilized by remedial work between 1993 and 2001 which reduced the tilt.

Duke and I enjoyed a dinner at the bar of the Four Season’s hotel in Florence the last night we were in Florence. It was the perfect ending to a great trip. Gunner was living with an Italian family who spoke no English. Gunner has taken Italian but found it difficult speaking with his Italian family. They reassured him he would leave speaking fluent Italian. He is now speaking like he is Italian and he is very proud of himself in so many ways. Duke and I will remember Florence fondly! Gunner will remember Florence as a “major period of growth in his life.”

Thanksgiving at Grayton Beach

Grayton Beach is a small quaint town nestled inside Grayton Beach State Park and spreads down to the Gulf of Mexico. These are photos of the incredible fine white sand beaches. Grayton has been called “the most beautiful beach in America.” You get the feeling that things haven’t changed much in the last hundred-plus years in this small community when walking down a well-worn road with historic cottages and picket fences.

Sitting on the back porch you see this wonderland of wild grass and trees that fall down to the small lake and feel like you are in another world. Maybe you will go exploring! Maybe you will just sit and listen to the birds and the frogs as they call out to each other. It’s so relaxing and inviting! This narrow channel is one of the way the Crosbys travel back and forth from home to beach each day. Ryan and Kosta take the boat and paddle board loaded with beach chairs and umbrellas down the narrow channels that will spill out from the dune lakes into the Gulf and to the beach.

I even took a boat ride which was quite a funny experience because the boys had to get me into the boat which was not pretty! But traveling down the channel was so very beautiful that I was so excited my grandchildren insisted I make the effort.

 Tommy and the boys set up our beach chairs every day, Thanks guys!

Our Thanksgiving week included bike rides on trails through the Grayton Beach State Park. boat rides, going to the beach, shopping at the farmers market, cooking, eating, and football! This back porch was enjoyed every morning and at night. Ben Soullier entertained us one night playing his guitar and singing like a someone on “the Voice.” We were amazed at his talent however his desire is to become an attorney.

My time with my grandchildren was so special! I was able to spend one on one time with them and talk to them about their work and their studies. We also all enjoyed the blooming romance that was unfolding before our eyes between Katy and Kosta!

Jete’ and Tommy Crosby were our host/hostess for this incredible Thanksgiving holiday. Marshall and Terri Soullier also contributed so much with delicious meals and their presence! Kosta Sevic, Ryan, Katy, and Claire Crosby, and Ben Soullier and I would like to say a great big “Thank You” to both families who went out of their way to make this a very special week! In so many ways it will be remembered as one of the best Thanksgivings ever!

Discovery by Christian Maloney

This port has been the one I was looking forward to the most since I got accepted into Semester at Sea, and it didn’t disappoint.

My first day in Dubrovnik, Croatia was spent in my field class for my Interpersonal Communication class. If I have not mentioned it before, this is hands down my favorite class that I am currently taking. The professor that teaches it is such a cool guy. He really does his best to be really very accommodating to the different lifestyle of shipboard education. For those of you who don’t know, the old town city of Dubrovnik is surrounded by massive walls. The walls were built during a Croatian war and was a defense mechanism. It still stands tall today. Our professor has us start the day by sitting right outside the wall and taking 30 minutes of complete silence. This exercise was meant to bring mindful awareness to the surroundings which we were experiencing. We all put our phones down and sat wherever we felt comfortable and just observed. As you could imagine, as a class of 25 plus students, who have not had any cell service, and who just arrived in a new country this was truly the last thing we wanted to do. At first the silence was hard, but after a while I found a sort of peace in the exercise. I really took the time to look around me at the new city and took in small details I would have never noticed before. After the exercize was complete we walked inside the walls. We spent some time exploring and visiting a couple of churches. The architecture was truly breathtaking. For lunch we stopped at a restaurant that had some of the best pasta I have ever tasted. The pasta was handmade and then topped with s slow roast that was marinated with a red wine sauce. The second it touched my tongue I felt I was back at home. It tasted almost identical to my grandmothers (Katy Dongieux’s) slow cooked roast. If you have not had the opportunity to experience her roast, I suggest you call her up as soon as possible and beg her for a taste.

In the afternoon my friends and I decided to go for a swim where we took our first dip in the crystal clear waters of Croatia.

We spent 5 glorious days in Croatia! Our last day in Croatia was bitter sweet. My friends and I spent the day indulging in as much food as possible, and exploring some more before having to return to the ship. For dinner we sat on the top deck and watched the Cratian sun set over the sea. Onto Morocco we go!

We started our Moroccan adventure in the city of Casablanca. It was not like anything I really pictured what so ever. I don’t want to be negative but I was glad to visit other cities in Morocco such as Marrakech. I liked it much better than Casablanca and while in Marrakech I got to hold a monkey and even had an encounter with a Cobra snake.  My time in Morocco was mostly spent viewing the country through a tour bus and riding camels through the Sahara dessert. I named my camel Abu and I grew very fond of him. I thought that riding camels would really be similar to riding horses but it was not at all. It was SO unconformable. I do not know how people do that all day long. The best part about camping out in the Sahara was when the sun went down and the stars came out. I have never seen so many stars in my life. It was an unforgettable experience!

My experience in Ghana was nothing short of life changing. I spent the majority of my time in a small village called Senase. We had the opportunity to stay in some of the locals houses for the duration of our stay. The children touched my heart in more ways than I can even begin to fathom. We spent the week getting to know the village children and working at the local school. I became very found of one little girl in particular named Benedicta. (She is pictured in the photo with the green wall background.) She had the biggest personality for such a little girl. The most surprising realization I had during my time in Ghana was that it really takes so little to have true happiness. These Senase villagers live a very simple life sometimes without running water, electricity, or even shoes to wear, yet they are the happiest people I have ever met. The United States culture puts such an emphasis on materialistic items and the hunger for those items are never ending. People are always looking for the next best thing and are never satisfied. It takes so little to really have what you need and you turn to the people around you and the smaller things in life for that joy. The lessons learned in Ghana will live with me forever. 

We began our Brazilian adventure in the city of Salvador (which is the old capital city of Brazil). We spent the first day there soaking up the Brazilian sun by the pool at one of the nice hotels in town. That afternoon we jumped on a plane and headed down to Rio de Jenerio. The next day was filled with touring the beautiful city of Rio from the comfort  of a van. Unfortunately it was POURING down rain so this was the best option. Our personal guide, Nelson, became like our second father for the time we spent in Rio. He showed us all around and made sure to keep us safe. On one of the days in Rio we took the cable car up to the sugar loaf mountain. It was beautiful! They had the option to take a helicopter over Rio and over the Christ the Reedemer statue… and when in Rio…. why not? The views were spectacular and I was very excited to scratch helicopter ride off of my bucket list! The last days were spent eating amazing food and indulging in the culture. Our last day in Brazil we were back in Salvador and we just had to go back to the same hotel for that beautiful ocean view. 

I hope you have enjoyed Christian’s colorful and heartwarming commentary of her travel adventures. I am blown away by her feelings and her insight of the varies countries she visited, the people, and their way of life! I am impresses by her wisdom and her perspective as she travels through various countries!

I’m sure it is rewarding to her parents, who gave Christian this opportunity, to know that Christian loves to learn and values a wise professor who introduces her to an exercise of learning to be quiet and mindfully aware of her surroundings in Croatia. A valuable lesson to take with her as she continues to discover other countries and life in general.

Christian is learning so many valuable lesson about life and happiness. Happiness can be as unforgettable as a dessert at dusk or viewing millions of stars at night! It can be a little girl that touched her heart and shows love to her regardless of her skin tone or as she observed the Senase villagers and learned that it takes so little to be happy.

This is the perfect blog to publish on Thanksgiving morning! Thanksgiving is a time for families to be together or to be in touch with each other. Most of all it is a time to just show love and concern to friends and relatives and even to those we will meet for the first time.

I am “grateful” to all of you who are reading my blog. I wish you a “Happy Thanksgiving!” I wish you “happiness” today and everyday!

God bless you and those you love!

Shepard Craig Rosenberg

After sitting in the waiting room for eight hours this bundle of joy burst upon the scene looking like he was already a few days old. Bailey had a natural childbirth, although not intended to. She just didn’t feel like she needed the help, we were all amazed!

We just couldn’t get enough of looking at this little fellow! Shep is “the Maloney’s” and the “Rosenberg’s” first grandchild and “Gene and my” first great grandchild. How exciting! Bailey and Max intend to have more children so keep tuned in. Missing in this photo is Shep’s aunt Christian who is on, “Semester at Sea” completing her fall semester of school.

Max’s parents Colleen and David and his sister Carleigh arrived from New York on November 21st. I asked them what their first thoughts were when seeing Step: Colleen said “my heart burst when I saw him, he brought tears of joy to my eyes”! David thought “oh my! he’s a mini Max”. Then said “seeing him brought more joy to my heart than I can imagine.” Max’s sister Carleigh said, “He so tiny, I want to put him in my pocket and keep him forever”.

“Father and Son” and Shep in his first photo shoot. I’m sure it will be one of many as they document his life. Max kept saying to me,”I feel so useless”. Bailey is having to do all the work. I thought of this and have to say to Max, as I have seen you standing by Bailey’s side for nine months and in the delivery room encouraging and helping her through the deliver, “Just you wait Maxwell”. You will play the most important roll of your life from here on, showing Shep and being the example to him of how a man of integrity should act and live his life. You’ll show him how first of all to pray. You’ll show him how to be honest and have Godly Character. How to be a man others can count on and how to be a husband who is always at his wife’s side. There is no doubt in my mind that you Max will perform this duty as perfectly and as impressive as Bailey gave Shep life.

There were many visits to wish Bailey and Max congratulations and to see Shep! Bailey and Max’s British Lab, Bear, also became a mother and Katy and Claire brought three of her puppies to visit. By the way the Maloney have puppies for sale from Bear and River’s litter in time for Christmas presents! See “Creek Side Retrievers” on Instagram. There are only six puppies left! If you want one of the last six for Christmas You can email:

The star of this Blog is Shep’s mother, Bailey Rosenberg! My first grand child and the one who has given me my first Great grandchild. I love you Bailey and I want you to know that you have impressed me through the years with her beauty, talent, integrity, and ability to love! I can’t wait for more years to come!

Prince Charming

Bailey met her Prince Charming, Maxwell Casey Rosenberg, in the Spring of 2012 on Semester at Sea! (see Episode #13 “A Love Story” for more info on their relationship)

Max quickly won all of our hearts and we feel so very lucky to have him in the family! Max is very easy on the eyes, charming, and not afraid to express his love for Bailey in so many tender ways. Sometimes he’ll just walk by her and kiss her on the head or steal a look at her that will melt your heart. That’s what makes Max a Prince!

Max is emotionally strong! People respect Max for his strength and determination. He is steady and accomplished in his job, and thought of as a leader with enormous potential for management. He’s patient, but also determined to seek greener pastures when necessary. He sets bold goals for himself and achieves them.

Max at work in his home office

Max is lucky to be able to work from home in New Orleans most of the time. The company he works for is called LILT. I was going to try to describe it, but after my research, I believe Bloomberg states it best: “Lilt provides interactive and adaptive machine-assisted translation tools. Translators can translate documents via a web-based CAT tool. Localization providers can integrate Lilt into their existing systems via a web API. The technology is based on Stanford research.”

Bailey says the FedEx delivery man calls Max “the senator” because his name sounds like he must be a politician.

Bailey and Max on the left Ben (Max’s best friend) Bailey, and Max on the right

Max graduated with a BS in Economics and Finance from Bentley University, located just outside of Boston, in 2012. After graduation they moved to London, England where Max received a Masters Degree in Economics, while Bailey worked for NFL Network UK and attended college at University of the Arts London.

Max and Bailey moved to New Orleans after they left London and Max began looking for a job in both New Orleans and San Francisco, while he worked on his dissertation to complete his masters degree. The job offer came from the City by the Bay, which was very thrilling, since his father is from the Bay Area and his parents met there. A bit of nostalgia.

Life in San Francisco was wonderful for Max and Bailey! They lived in several different neighborhoods during their three years in the City by the Bay. Their favorite neighborhood was near the Panhandle because they lived by Golden Gate Park with their new puppy, Honey Bear. Max decided to propose during their time in San Francisco and they worked on a plan to move back to New Orleans in time for their wedding.

Max and Bailey were married at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans on November 4th, 2017! This marriage is here to stay, it will last “until death do us part.” Max becoming part of our family is the best thing to ever happen to us and we don’t intend to let him go and he definitely doesn’t intend to let Bailey go!

Max has always loved to cook. He and I have had many evenings creating interesting dishes. This is one of the fun things Max, Bailey and I love to do together. Max probably inherited his love of cooking because his mother’s family had two restaurants in the Capital District Region of New York.

Now his uncle owns one of them called Jimmie Casey’s and Max’s parents, David & Colleen, have opened their own wine shop in Malta, New York which carries on the restaurant family tradition. It is called Brix Wine & Liquor!

Being the patient and determined man that he is, Max wanted to live a healthy lifestyle, so he trained to compete in IronMan before his first child arrived. So he practiced for the 140.6 mile race for a year! This race was grueling. He had to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and then run a marathon, which is 26.2 miles, all in one day! He did two half IronMan races before completing this race. He became an official IronMan on November 2nd in Panama City, FL. His first child will be arriving any day now, so he accomplished his goal! Whew!!

Max, Bailey, and baby Rosenberg will live happily in their home in the Bayou Saint John area by city Park! We are waiting “not patiently” for this baby to arrive!

Katy’s Life in France

Katy as you remember from my blog “Provence” is attending the fall term at Savannah School of Design “SCAD” in Lacoste, France.

The campus of “SCAD” is charming with cobble stone walks, interesting buildings and beautiful Vistas!

Just imagine waking up each day walking to class in this charming village, looking at this vista and this sunrise! Can it get better than this?

Katy, an Architecture Major, is very interested in the texture and material used in the buildings! She’s is also interested in the patina of buildings due to age for it’s aesthetically appealing quality; for beauty sometimes comes with a little wear and tear!

During the school term SCAD takes the students on trips. One of Katy’s favorite trips was to Paris. This is a preview of some of the sites she loved. Two of her favorite places were the Arab museum and the National Library.

I love Paris in the spring time! I love Paris in the Fall! I just love Paris anytime!

Two of their weekend trips were to Chateau Lacoste,”Chateau La Coste is a classic property located in the heart of the high-altitude region of Coteaux d’Aix en Provence”. The other trip was to Nimes, “Nîmes, a city in the Occitanie region of southern France, was an important outpost of the Roman Empire. It’s known for well-preserved Roman monuments and the Pont du Gard tri-level aqueduct”.

Katy spent a day in Roussillon, “Situated in the heart of one of the biggest ochre deposits in the world, Roussillon is famous for its magnificent red cliffs and ochre quarries”.

Katy and friends spent a weekend in Barcelona and celebrated her twenty second birthday! What a trip!

Katy’s fall term ends on November 8th. It was a glorious time, lessons learned and life experienced in such wondrous ways and places! Our Katy is a special young lady and she grows in wisdom, talent, and beauty each year. We love you Katy!

Christian Travels the Atlantic

As you know from my previous post on September 9th “Christian says Goodbye, See you in December” my granddaughter is on a Semester at Sea Fall Study Program. Poland was the first country to explore. Christian says she feels the Polish culture is probably the best hands on culture experience she could have asked for. The people at the airbnb taught her so much about Polish culture and even taught her some Polish phrases.

Christian who loves horses is an equine studies major at SCAD (Savannah School of Design) in Savannah, Georgia. She loved the carriage horses in Poland! She was impressed with how well they were kept and said they were groomed to perfection. She also loved the restaurants especially one called Nova Resto which had a cute little patio and was perfect for a glass of wine with her friends! She and her friends spent a couple of hours here just talking, laughing, and enjoying themselves.

I will let Christian give you her account of Portugal and Spain in her own words. She writes so good and with such color you need to hear it from her: “Portugal was something of a fairytale. I spent the day with my Oceanography group, on a field class, studying the marine life in the area. We visited the Oceanario de Lisboa in the morning and spent the afternoon on the beaches. In the evening I met my friends and we hit the town. We made our way to the famous Lisbon “Pink Street” and did a bit of bar hopping. The Sangria flowed and the night was a blast!

The next day we took a bus to Largos, a coastal city in the Algarve area, it is home to crystal clear water and world famous beaches. If anyone is ever in Lagos make sure to stop by the restaurant called “The Green Room” for amazing Mexican food and cocktails! The city was fantastic and it is definitely on my list of places to visit again.”

“The next day we packed our bags and got on another bus to Seville. The bus ride was a little agonizing. We didn’t reach the city until around dinner time. A little restaurant by our Airbnb answered our prayers with Spanish style tapas and cold draft beer. Our schedule only allowed us one day in Seville so we rented electric scooters called “Birds”. This allowed us to see the city in a small amount of time. It was epic! The Plaza De Toros was personally my favorite sight to see. The colors of the building and the architecture were mesmerizing.

I next stop was Cadiz and we spent the next two days exploring the city and indulging in some of the best food I have ever had. We came across a little restaurant “La Candela” that was so fantastic. I could come back to Cadiz just to taste the food one more time!

After some market shopping, lots of gelato and more exploring it was time to get back on our floating home and hit the next country.

This adventure on a Floating University which allows students to explore the countries in Europe along the Atlantic will be invaluable to Christian’s growth as an individual. It is a known fact that the personal benefits of educational travel is a love of learning and improvement in personal responsibility. I’m sure there are many more advantages like perspective, networking, and independence, etc..

I will end this blog with a few pictures of life on this Floating University!

Tune in for more news on Christian’s “Semester at Sea” journey. Love you and your stories Christian!