Katy is Eighty – Weekend excitement

My quest this week was to loose my two pounds which I’m happy to say I accomplished! I didn’t come up with a fabulous new recipe this week. I just concentrated of proportion size vegetarian meals. I could actually feel my body getting lighter.

This past week was leisurely and quiet! Just the best kind of week to read my favorite book of the moment and study about Thomas Merton a Trappist Monk who lived in a Monastery in Kentucky.

I am taking a Road Scholar trip to Kentucky with my best friend Starr the week of my 81st birthday to learn about his life. We will visit the Abbey of Gethsemani where Thomas Merton lived and wrote and later in life became known as the greatest spiritual writer of the Twentieth Century. He spent twenty-seven years at Gethsemani and is also buried there. I have been reading about his life in his book “The Seven Storey Mountain.” I also loved “An Invitation to the Contemplative Life,” which is a gift to all of us to know how to live a life full of significance. I am looking forward to this study trip!

I enjoyed my quiet week days then “boom” Saturday brought a weekend of excitement. My grandson had a soccer game which I was able to attend in New Orleans.

My grandson Dennis kicking one of three scores he got for his team!

He was so excited about his (hat-trick). I looked up hat-trick and found out (in football) it is three goals scored by one player in a match. I imagine all sports are using this term now. My son Duke decided to take him and me to lunch at one of his favorite restaurant, The deli at Martin’s Wine Cellar on Barron street in New Orleans!

Dennis at Martin’s was fun and a time to catch up on all the news about what was going on in his life. He’s such an interesting “Kid” always smiling and so much fun!
Sunday was the Gurney Games at the Covington Trailhead.

Each year St. Tammany Hospital foundation Kicks off the Mardi Gras season with the Gurney Games. Teams of costume racers, parade with their Theme decorated Gurnies and race, dance, and raise money for St. Tammany Hospital. Laissez Les Bon Temps Ruler! which is a Cajun-French Phrase meaning “Let the good times roll.”

It was a day of “Joie de Vivre,” (the joy of living) which is the attitude which prevails in New Orleans “The Best City in the World!”

Paula Day
Our favorite nurse at St. Tammany Hospital! She is Department Head of Cancer Services  and the organizer of the “Over the Rainbow” entry “winner of the 2019 Gurney Games!”

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