Shepard Craig Rosenberg

After sitting in the waiting room for eight hours this bundle of joy burst upon the scene looking like he was already a few days old. Bailey had a natural childbirth, although not intended to. She just didn’t feel like she needed the help, we were all amazed!

We just couldn’t get enough of looking at this little fellow! Shep is “the Maloney’s” and the “Rosenberg’s” first grandchild and “Gene and my” first great grandchild. How exciting! Bailey and Max intend to have more children so keep tuned in. Missing in this photo is Shep’s aunt Christian who is on, “Semester at Sea” completing her fall semester of school.

Max’s parents Colleen and David and his sister Carleigh arrived from New York on November 21st. I asked them what their first thoughts were when seeing Step: Colleen said “my heart burst when I saw him, he brought tears of joy to my eyes”! David thought “oh my! he’s a mini Max”. Then said “seeing him brought more joy to my heart than I can imagine.” Max’s sister Carleigh said, “He so tiny, I want to put him in my pocket and keep him forever”.

“Father and Son” and Shep in his first photo shoot. I’m sure it will be one of many as they document his life. Max kept saying to me,”I feel so useless”. Bailey is having to do all the work. I thought of this and have to say to Max, as I have seen you standing by Bailey’s side for nine months and in the delivery room encouraging and helping her through the deliver, “Just you wait Maxwell”. You will play the most important roll of your life from here on, showing Shep and being the example to him of how a man of integrity should act and live his life. You’ll show him how first of all to pray. You’ll show him how to be honest and have Godly Character. How to be a man others can count on and how to be a husband who is always at his wife’s side. There is no doubt in my mind that you Max will perform this duty as perfectly and as impressive as Bailey gave Shep life.

There were many visits to wish Bailey and Max congratulations and to see Shep! Bailey and Max’s British Lab, Bear, also became a mother and Katy and Claire brought three of her puppies to visit. By the way the Maloney have puppies for sale from Bear and River’s litter in time for Christmas presents! See “Creek Side Retrievers” on Instagram. There are only six puppies left! If you want one of the last six for Christmas You can email:

The star of this Blog is Shep’s mother, Bailey Rosenberg! My first grand child and the one who has given me my first Great grandchild. I love you Bailey and I want you to know that you have impressed me through the years with her beauty, talent, integrity, and ability to love! I can’t wait for more years to come!

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