Prince Charming

Bailey met her Prince Charming, Maxwell Casey Rosenberg, in the Spring of 2012 on Semester at Sea! (see Episode #13 “A Love Story” for more info on their relationship)

Max quickly won all of our hearts and we feel so very lucky to have him in the family! Max is very easy on the eyes, charming, and not afraid to express his love for Bailey in so many tender ways. Sometimes he’ll just walk by her and kiss her on the head or steal a look at her that will melt your heart. That’s what makes Max a Prince!

Max is emotionally strong! People respect Max for his strength and determination. He is steady and accomplished in his job, and thought of as a leader with enormous potential for management. He’s patient, but also determined to seek greener pastures when necessary. He sets bold goals for himself and achieves them.

Max at work in his home office

Max is lucky to be able to work from home in New Orleans most of the time. The company he works for is called LILT. I was going to try to describe it, but after my research, I believe Bloomberg states it best: “Lilt provides interactive and adaptive machine-assisted translation tools. Translators can translate documents via a web-based CAT tool. Localization providers can integrate Lilt into their existing systems via a web API. The technology is based on Stanford research.”

Bailey says the FedEx delivery man calls Max “the senator” because his name sounds like he must be a politician.

Bailey and Max on the left Ben (Max’s best friend) Bailey, and Max on the right

Max graduated with a BS in Economics and Finance from Bentley University, located just outside of Boston, in 2012. After graduation they moved to London, England where Max received a Masters Degree in Economics, while Bailey worked for NFL Network UK and attended college at University of the Arts London.

Max and Bailey moved to New Orleans after they left London and Max began looking for a job in both New Orleans and San Francisco, while he worked on his dissertation to complete his masters degree. The job offer came from the City by the Bay, which was very thrilling, since his father is from the Bay Area and his parents met there. A bit of nostalgia.

Life in San Francisco was wonderful for Max and Bailey! They lived in several different neighborhoods during their three years in the City by the Bay. Their favorite neighborhood was near the Panhandle because they lived by Golden Gate Park with their new puppy, Honey Bear. Max decided to propose during their time in San Francisco and they worked on a plan to move back to New Orleans in time for their wedding.

Max and Bailey were married at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans on November 4th, 2017! This marriage is here to stay, it will last “until death do us part.” Max becoming part of our family is the best thing to ever happen to us and we don’t intend to let him go and he definitely doesn’t intend to let Bailey go!

Max has always loved to cook. He and I have had many evenings creating interesting dishes. This is one of the fun things Max, Bailey and I love to do together. Max probably inherited his love of cooking because his mother’s family had two restaurants in the Capital District Region of New York.

Now his uncle owns one of them called Jimmie Casey’s and Max’s parents, David & Colleen, have opened their own wine shop in Malta, New York which carries on the restaurant family tradition. It is called Brix Wine & Liquor!

Being the patient and determined man that he is, Max wanted to live a healthy lifestyle, so he trained to compete in IronMan before his first child arrived. So he practiced for the 140.6 mile race for a year! This race was grueling. He had to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and then run a marathon, which is 26.2 miles, all in one day! He did two half IronMan races before completing this race. He became an official IronMan on November 2nd in Panama City, FL. His first child will be arriving any day now, so he accomplished his goal! Whew!!

Max, Bailey, and baby Rosenberg will live happily in their home in the Bayou Saint John area by city Park! We are waiting “not patiently” for this baby to arrive!

7 thoughts on “Prince Charming

  1. I’ve known Max since he was a little boy, he’s been my son Tom’s best friend since childhood. You absolutely NAILED it with the description of him. I love him like he’s my own. Your family is blessed to have him.
    Nancy Moll


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